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    Spectral Porcupette & How To Get It!

    This pet has to be the coolest thing i've seen in pet form since my personal favourites like the vampiric batling.
    I had to get a group of guildies to farm this one out, but check it out.
    I think it was certainly worth the grind.
    I personally like the return to vanilla-esque quests requiring guildies to work together, however if it was my decision i would of made the bones drop for everyone on each mob, instead of only one person per kill.
    Anyway what do you guys think?

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    Nicely done. Finally a reason to farm mobs again. ^^

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    Ya this makes me want to actually go farm those tbh. It reminds me of Foror's where you wanted your entire guild out there helping out your main tanks. Not QUITE as extreme, but the fact that it forces groups to band together to help 1 person at a time makes me think the GMs really listed to all the kids blabbering for Classic back. Which is a good and bad thing imo.

    Either way, amazingly cool pet.

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    11k Q-items for pet+mount?

    Damn, that's A LOT!! Any idea, what the drop rate is, and how many drop per mob? Also, how many per stack? Less than 2500 will make them too bag-consuming..
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    Good question. I think I have MOST of the answers.
    As for the drop rate, you always get some, but the amount depends on what you kill.
    There are a number of different levels of mobs. I would break them down as follows:
    Small soloable mobs - 1-3 bones
    Medium dinos (take some time to solo), usually surrounding big mob- 2-6 bones
    Huge elite Dino (need a tank and healer to beat) at least 5, gotten up to 11.
    The trick is how your group wants to do it. You can easily kill the smaller two tiers, but the big baddie is very close so be careful! We decided to just run in there and grab everything and burst down the big guy then just heal through the smaller ones.
    Took about 2 hours to get enough for the pet. Not too bad tbh. We had 2 healers, 3 dps, and 1 bear tank. 1 of the dps was about 496 ilvl, one was about 485, and the final was a premade so like 467?
    Tank got hit VERY hard, but was in 467 something. Not premade, but offspec of a main.

    Stackwise, I don't know but the person collecting said something like "you need 20 spaces free for the mount then" Not sure though. At the time, it didn't seem like something pertinent, but I recognize why it may be. Seems like 100 would be the stack limit.

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