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    [A]<The Continuum>6/16H(6/6H-MSV)LF1 of the following:Hunter/Boomkin/Enhancement/Loc

    <The Continuum> is a 10 man guild on Elune, and has a track record of excellence which dates back to the end of TBC/start of WotLK. This included items such as the realm first kill on Eldre'thalas of Heroic Lich King, the Tier 10 Meta-achievement clear, and server first 10 man strict kills of Heroic Ragnaros and Sinestra. We are looking to fill a few pieces of our raid puzzle and hope that you can help us!

    Continuum is currently 6/6 Heroic in MSV, with Heroic Will of the Emperor being downed recently.

    We run a small roster, no bench. Once you're in, you're in with no fear of being sat against your will. Your spot is secure! We have one player as a substitute player who keeps his gear relevant for current content. Our substitute raider only raids if someone will be missing.

    We are currently in need of a core Hunter, Boomkin, or Enhancement with competitive DPS. We have no one utilizing the Mail Agility drops currently. Our boomkin is slowly phasing out into retirement from the game in a few weeks. We can be swayed into taking a warlock if the fit is right.

    All this disenchanted mail gear could be yours! Leather int? Have at it!

    All we ask for is your attendance, awareness, and competitive DPS

    <The Continuum> raids Monday through Thursday, 9pm-12am Eastern time.

    My Battle Tag is Daltin#1235.
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    Come help make an immediate difference. Learn heroic Heart of Fear with us

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