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    Strange NPC at Varian's room [PTR]

    Hey guys,

    One of my friend who plays on the PTR saw a strange NPC named as Tyrande in sw at Varian's room. She is in a monk gear so we dont know what is the purpose of it Well I dont know neither that it is fake or not. Just want to show it..

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    hehehe wow lol
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    Looks pretty... player-y to me. >.>

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    Probably a player with the Orb of the Sin'dorei.

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    Well wowhead ptr site has not this npc.
    I'd say your friend tricked you. Or "le trolled" as they say.

    Wow has no Ä Ë or Ö npc's and will never have due you know, would screw up sites or stuff that make Ä = "?"
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    Someone seemed to be in the mood for a prank.
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    Sorry, but thats not funny.

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    Probably a player using the Orb of the Sin'Dorei or an Orb of Deception.

    Considering the screenshot doesn't include any information other than the image of the "NPC," I'm going to agree that your friend is just messing with you.

    I'm going to close this, I think, to make sure no one else gullible gets taken in.

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    cant tell if troll or just stupid

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    A player with PVP on who used the Orb of the Sin'dorei. There's no way how else a friendly blood elf can stay in the Throne room.

    Also, shame on that player for using the name Tyrande like that >.<

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