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    [A]25M- <Taken> of KJ - Delver Made - 8/16H - LFM

    Hello everyone

    I'd like to take a minute of your time and give you a bit of information in who we are. We are new guild in the Alliance KJ raiding scene, though most of our top members have been raiding since Vanilla and have been with top tier guilds. Well enough bragging about them, just wanted to give you a bit of an insight as to where the head of the guilds came from.

    Taken -
    This guild has gathered people from different servers, with everyone having the same goal: to see content and conquer it. We are a fun / strange group of people though we always tend to laugh no matter what happens; whether it be during raid or even outside of raid you will find us doing something as a group. We are not an elitist bunch, though we do ask for you to know about your class and handle constructive criticism well. We try to help everyone that joins us, if it's about mechanics or if it's about their class. As corny as it sounds, we want you to know it is okay for you to have a conversation with us outside of raid and not only show your face when it's raid time.

    With Tier 14 halfway through, and us jumping into the scene about a month ago. We have gathered a group of people that have joined us in our adventure to become a next top 25man-raiding guild on this server.

    Our current progression is a total of 16/16 Normal & 8/16 Heroic
    Mogu'Shan Vaults - 6/6 Normal & 6/6 Heroic Will Down
    Heart of Fear - 6/6 & 2/6 Heroic
    Terrace of Endless Spring - 4/4 with Elite.

    Raid Schedule
    Wednesday - 6PM PST - 10PM PST
    Sunday - 6PM PST - 10PM PST
    Monday - 6PM PST - 10PM PST
    *We WILL be adding in Tuesday 6PM - 10PM PST, once 5.2 hits live server for progression.

    Current Recruitment
    *We are really in need of our healer choice, so if you are not on this list though like what you see please apply as well.
    *For a Holy Paladin and Restoration Shaman, we will be willing to work out a paid transfer to get you to transfer over.
    Death Knight
    • Frost
    • Any Spec
    • Mistweaver
    • Windwalker
    • Elemental
    • Restoration
    • Any Spec
    • Any Spec
    • Retribution
    • Holy
    If this sounds like something that you would like to be apart of, feel free to drop us a message or take some time and visit our website: taken-guild(dot)com

    In-game contact:
    Hillayin (Battle Tag: Hill#1658)
    Oceanlab (Battle Tag: EvaUnit01#1774)

    Thank You -
    Have a Great Day!

    *Edit: 02/12/13 - Updated Progression !!
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    We also strongly encourage eating mass amounts of cookies on a daily basis.

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    Bumpity Bump! I don't know why I can't change the main Thread title =/

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    This requires some attention. And cuties.

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