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    Exclamation [H] - An'She 25m Heroic Progression Guild - 3 nights per week - LFM

    An’She, an established guild since early 2007, is the premiere 25-man raiding guild on Icecrown with a core roster capable of raiding at a very high level without more than 12 hours of scheduled raiding each week. As a guild we have recommitted to endgame progression and have taken the necessary steps to ensure that highly skilled and experienced players seriously consider An’She as a permanent raiding home. Some of the most recent tangible changes we have made that affect recruitment and hopefully the readers of this post is: (1) our streamlined application process, and user friendly and aesthetically appealing website; (2) the commitment to recruitment made possible through multiple different avenues, including high-traffic think-tank websites (like this one), e-mail, and the battlenet system; (3) our reiterated message to current members that performance determines raider rank and the entire raid group is expected to perform at a high level if they wish to maintain their full-time raiding position.

    So, if you feel as if you're capable at playing at an extremely high level without hours and hours of raiding, then please continue reading!

    Raiding Schedule
    Tuesday: 6:00 - 10:00 PST
    Wednesday: 6:00 - 10:00 PST
    Thursday: 6:00 - 10:00 PST

    (7:00 - 11:00 MST)
    (8:00 - 12:00 CST)
    (9:00 - 1:00 EST)

    We are specifically looking for the following, but all exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply:

    • Hunter
    • All Healers!! (Extremely High Need)
    • Balance Druid
    • Shadow Priest

    12/16 - Heroic Progression
    Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6 HM
    Stone Guards √
    Feng the Accursed √
    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder √
    Spirit Kings √
    Elegon √
    Qin-xi √

    Heart of Fear - 5/6 HM
    Imperial Vizier Zor'lok √
    Blade Lord Ta'yak √
    Wind Lord Mel'jarak √
    Garalon √
    Amber-Shaper Un'sok √
    Grand Empress Shek'zeer

    Terrace of Endless Spring - 1/4 HM
    Protectors of the Endless
    Lei Shi √
    Sha of Fear

    How to Apply
    Our online application is very short because we feel that most of what we want to cover can be discussed either in-game or on vent. We feel this helps streamline the application process and allows us to answer any comments, questions, or concerns potential applicants might have right away and gives us a much better idea of who our applicants are. We also feel that most guild applications are very similar and can be, at the best of times, extremely tedious and time consuming. We want to do our part in accommodating you as best as possible. Furthermore, vent discussion often provides important insight into some of the things that formal applications cannot.

    During the vent interview, applicants should be prepared to answer some of the following:

    • A synopsis of your raiding history supplemented with any notable achievements, ranks, or guilds you have been apart of
    • What you are looking for in a progression oriented guild (ie. whether you want to be cutting edge or whether you're okay with seeing content as long as you get to see it)
    • What your class' role is within the raid group and some specific class related questions

    Arguably the most important part of the interview will pertain to you as a person. We will be interested in learning a little bit more about you so be prepared to discuss the following:

    • Are you a student or if you are working, what time of work do you do?
    • How long have you been playing video games for and more specifically, what other MMOs have you played and been successful at?

    So, if this post has sold you on An'she and you're interested in applying right away, please head to our website and submit a formal application as all applicants are required to do at one point or another and we will do our very best to get back to you within 24-hours. If you're interested, but not quite sold on An'She then we urge you to add one of the contacts listed below to address anything of concern.

    Contact Information
    Real-ID & E-mail: neighbour.warcraft(AT)
    Website: www(DOT)ansheguild(DOT)com

    In-game Contacts
    DPSreid - DPSreid#1171
    Rawyr - Rawyr#1971
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    Reserved (/first).

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    Looking to keep this on the first page

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    We're really working hard to round out our roster with a few more talented individuals.

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    Just got home from class. Got a few pending friend requests! I'm very excccittteddd

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    This is just a shameless frontpage nudge.

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    Looking forward to tonight's raid. Could use more raiders!

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    Goodnight fellow champions

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    Hello fellow champions.

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    Added you to BattleTag hoping to talk with you soon regarding prot warrior and ele shaman pair

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    Awesome just got home Ambien so I now have you added. Looking forward to talking with you!

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    We very badly need another rogue. 2 if I wanted to replace me

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    Can't sleep...
    must progress...

    must recruit..

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    Heroic will has been down for a week. Sorry about the long update.

    We can really use some strong ranged DPS. Come help us slay Internet dragons!

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    We need Ranged DPS!!!!!

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    Heroic Vizier will likely go down tonight! Looking forward to another HM kill. Then it's Ambershaper. We should be 12/16 by the end of the week! Tsulong and Protectors next week. We're really really pushing progression before 5.2! Help us do it!

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    Hopefully we'll get some mage apps soon >.<

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    Bump. Got Amber Shaper down.

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    Really need those mages!! Where are all the mages???

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    empress going down this week

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