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    Question about twinks & raids

    So I was reading about people doing various weird stuff like doing higher level raids on lv80 characters. So I decided to play around with twinking myself, but I have question.

    How do you actually enter higher level raids? On my lv80 toon I can't enter anything above lv80 (alone or being in raid group with lv90 raid leader). Was there some kind of hotfix around this making it no longer possible and I am late to the party? Or there is some other obscure step needed to enter higher level raids?

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    From what i heard the Level 90 has to enter The Raidinstance first.
    Also that *Trick* doesn't seem work every time. Just try to rejoin the raid a couple times/ let the 90 zone in and out.
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    Oh thanks, I will try it next time (lv90, with whom I was in raid, wasn't in raid instance when I tried).

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