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    Faulty keyboard, need suggestions

    Current keyboard has a faulty key, so RMA-ing it back this week.

    Thing's I'm looking for: back lighting, anti-ghosting, minimalistic design (I don't want a bunch of extra macro keys or anything). I prefer to be able to take the palm rest off. Preferred without a numpad but not a big issue. Don't want any drivers required, if I can plug it in and go that'd be great.

    Don't have a price cap.

    While I'm not the biggest fan of Razer, the Lycosa seems to be perfect. I love the slim keycap design, back lighting, possibly removable palm rest, and an actually useful user-interface on the top right without extra dimensions from stupid macro buttons and other bells and whistles. Problem is it's out of stock on Razer and discontinued on newegg. Is this an old product? If so can anyone recommend me a similar product?
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