Hi there, I'm writing here because I desperately need some help with a piece of software and I need to know what I am doing wrong. I download from websites that I have paid membership to, and to do this efficiently I use a program called Internet Download Manager (IDM). This is the second piece of software that I have tried to use for its intended purpose (the other being Download Accelerator Plus 10) but the same problem remains - despite me saving my Login details for every website I have membership to, IDM/DAP10 still requires Login information before the download can start or continue after being Paused.

I have systematically entered the server name of the file, the username, and the password for each site I am a member of. Why on earth then, when the first file has downloaded does the next one in the queue not start, and always - and I mean always - ask me to enter my membership details? Furthermore, why when I do enter my details, does the box reappear asking me to enter it again? I have already saved it in the 'Site Logins' tabs and also in the Properties tab of the actual file, so this is utterly confusing and immensely frustrating for me. Other times, I will get an error telling me that the webpage has expired even though it is still open in my browser. I have to clear it from the IDM and re-save it as the first file in the queue to actually get it to download. I have exactly the same problem for when I have Paused or Stopped a file in the middle of a download and then tried to Resume it. When I go to Resume it asks for the Login details, I input them, it keeps asking for them and in the end I have to remove it and start again.

I spend most of my time out of the house, which means I get the most out of my membership by leaving files to download while I am out of the house. But nothing is more annoying to find that I have been out all day and all I have got when I come back is one bloody file because the next hasn't started because its wanting my membership details. I would think the most important utility of a download manager is for it to be configured to effectively manage your downloads while you are not at your PC. But alas neither IDM (which I am currently using), or DAP10 in the past, have allowed me to do this it seems. This is even more galling when you consider that I actually paid for legitimate full copies of both of these programs.

So what I am asking for really, is a foolproof step-by-step guide on how to set up IDM (or DAP 10) so that whatever I queue to download will automatically start downloading once the previous file has finished, and that if I should want to Pause/Stop and then Resume later it will simply carry on and finish without asking for Login details. Either that, or some general pointers to some basic things that I may be overlooking, or as a last resort, an alternative download manager that does not have these issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I am being ripped off by paying money for these programs and despite setting up through seemingly simple options, am not getting what I am paying them to do. Thanks in advance.