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    R sham's best 2's partners?

    Title says it all, what do ya think? Also whats best 3's comp for R sham?

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    warlock and warrior

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    For 2s it's warrior then DK/feral

    For 3s it's probably WPS, KFC, MLS, God Comb. Many more, alot of combs are viable

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    I do 2's with a Spreist and it works well.

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    Feral, mage, hunter or warlock.

    Warriors got nerfed pretty hard and they have no CC, plus they're pretty easy to control after the avatar nerf. With hex on a 45s CD and shamans relying more heavily on hard-cast spells than any other healer, you really need a partner that can control the other team while still putting out pressure.

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    Just run around until they give up.
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