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    Shadow Priest, Looking for 25 man raiding Guild

    Experienced Shadow Priest Ilvl492 Looking for a raiding guild.
    I have experience in 6/6 MV, 1/6 HMV, 6/6 HoF, and 2/4 ToeS
    I've been raiding since Burning Crusade, and I'd like to think by now I know what I am doing. I try to review logs as often as possible in order to see areas I can improve on and scale how well I did that night. I make sure I keybind my abilities, as well as prepare my own (+300 stat) food and potions ahead of raid time in order to maximize my productivity in the raid.
    My work schedule is putting a strain on raiding from 9EST on, which is why I am looking at other options. Ideally I Hope to find a guild which raids 10PM EST 3-4 nights a week I am free most evenings which provides a great deal of flexibility. I have both ventrilo and mumble, and the use of a microphone.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask them here, or leave your battletag and I'll try to get a hold of you that way.
    Thank you for reading thus far, may the odds be ever in your favor :P

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    <Warfare> has been raiding since 2007. Feel free to add me if our basic info below looks like a match. Battletag kleinekatze5#1155.

    Progression: 11/16HM
    Raid times: 6:30-10:30 Pacific Time, Tues/Weds/Thurs. We occasionally add Sunday as a clean up day or to make up for holidays mid-week, etc.
    Raid size: 25man
    Loot System: EPGP
    Faction/Realm: Horde/Frostwolf

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    <Valhallas Finest> is currently recruiting all exceptional players of all roles, classes, and specs. We are currently 3/6H MSV, 6/6 HoF, and 4/4 ToES.

    About Us
    <Valhallas Finest> is the premier Alliance raid guild on server Maiev-US. We were founded during Dragon Soul, after the founding members' guild broke up off server. Valhallas was formed to be the first progression focused, and high ranked, raid guild on Maiev-US. Thus far, we have successfully been working towards this goal.

    We finished Dragon Soul 8/8H, alliance first. Currently, in Mists of Pandaria Tier 14 we are still the leader of Alliance Progression. In addition, we are in heavy competition with the former uncontested realm first team on Horde for the Server First Heroic Kills.

    Furthermore, on January 8th, 2013, Valhallas Finest became the first raiding guild on server to go 25m! In order to facilitate the needs of a 25m raid team, we are opening up our recruitment to all classes, specs, and roles (with certain emphasis on particular classes, see below).

    Current Tier
    4/6HEROIC - Mogu'shan Vaults
    6/6 - Heart of Fear
    4/4 - Terrace of Endless Spring

    Previous Achievements:
    8/8HEROIC - Dragon Soul, FACTION FIRST!

    Recruitment Needs
    ALL exceptional players are considered, of any class, spec, or role! We are always looking to improve our roster!

    BLOOD Death Knight - High Need
    Hunter - High Need
    DPS Shaman - High Need
    BALANCE Druid - High Need
    SHADOW Priest - High Need

    Valhallas Finest currently raids four nights a week! We are on a West Coast server, however our roster is split between East Coast and West Coast players, so our times attempt to fit both time zones' schedule.

    All times below are in server time, which is US Pacific time.
    Tuesday -- 6:30-9:30PM
    Wednesday -- 7:30-9:30PM
    Thursday -- 6:30-9:30PM
    Sunday -- 5:00-9:00PM

    Following progression, our raid times typically scale down to 1-2 nights a week, depending on how long farm content takes to clear each week. In addition, we try to run 10m alt runs on Friday/Saturday, which are completely optional. We never ask our raiders to attend extra, optional, or extended nights/times! Our schedule is set in stone and we respect the busy schedules of our members.

    Basic Requirements
    - We try to maintain a drama free and mature raid environment, so an 18+ age limit is recommended (Special cases may warrant exceptions).
    - Attendance is extremely important to any serious raid group, especially a 25m. Due to this, we require 90% attendance from our raiders. We understand real life happens, however this should not be regular occurrences.
    - An essential part to raiding, especially at a high level, is the ability to take criticism and improve based on feedback given to you. If you think you are doing everything absolutely perfect and have zero room for improvement, you are not for us.
    - Have knowledge of all of this tier's encounters. Our leadership will explain our strategy before initial pulls on progression, however we will not explain every individual mechanic. This is up to our raiders to learn prior to raid time.
    - Have a positive attitude towards pushing progression and rankings. Server Firsts, or other notable kill rankings, are rarely done in few pulls. Progression will involve wiping on bosses for a reasonable amount of time before kills.
    - Have a sense of humor! We are serious in progression and raiding, however most of us are friends in game, outside of raiding! Comradery and player cohesion is important to having a group that raids together well!

    Interested? Read On!
    If you believe everything above applies to you well, then you might just make a perfect addition to our team! Now what? Well, there are a number of ways to get a hold of us.

    First, feel free to fill out an application over on our website (vfguild[dot]guildlaunch[dot]com)!! In addition, feel free to contact me in game for more details:

    In Game Name: Lavathing
    Server: Maiev-US Alliance
    Battletag: Lavathing#1391

    For the more expedited response we recommend applying at the website AND attempting to contact us in game!

    Thank you for considering <Valhallas Finest> and good luck on your guild search!!

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    Hi there! Apotheosis is currently looking for a Shadow Priest! We are currently 16/16N and 4/16H and raid for 9 hours a week.

    Apotheosis of Eldre'Thalas is a 25-man Alliance raiding guild on Eldre'Thalas. We have a really strong raid foundation and are looking to add a few fresh faces! Join our 9-hour a week, 25-man raid and be a part of a fun-loving, respectful number one guild.

    We pride ourselves on being an adult guild with an inclusive atmosphere, while maintaining a serious attitude to raiding. If this sounds like a good place to call home, we might be the guild for you.

    Apotheosis is an active guild, both in-game and out, with raids three nights a week (Tues/Thurs/Sun from 9pm-12am ET, invites at 8:45pm), an alt run on Mondays, rated battlegrounds on Wednesdays and LFRs/old content runs fairly frequently. People are always talking to each other: our guild forums are super-active, we have a sizeable number of guildies on Twitter and many of the members also have active blogs. Several members play other games together as well, including D3, SWTOR, League of Legends, Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Civ V, etc.

    Our best quality is our consistency - in this atmosphere of raiding, going down to 10 mans, cancelling raids, etc., we have maintained a solid 25 man raiding roster and will continue to do so.

    MOP progression:
    T14: 16/16 N, 4/6H MSV

    Cataclysm progression:
    T13: 8/8 HM & Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
    T12: 6/7 HM & Glory of the Firelands Raider
    T11: 7/13 HM

    Where are you located?
    We're Alliance-side on Eldre'Thalas! Our website is: http://www.apotheosis-now.com/main/

    When are your raids?
    During progression, we raid three hours a night, three hours a week for 9 hours of raiding.
    Tuesdays: 9pm ET - midnight ET
    Thursdays: 9pm ET - midnight ET
    Sundays: 9pm ET - midnight ET

    All raiders are expected to maintain 75% attendance (9 of 12 raids in a given month, roughly).

    Do you have a "bench"?
    We don't have a "bench" but we have people on standby most nights. People are swapped in and out with regularity, officers, raiders and initiates alike. It is rare that you will be sat for an entire evening. Swapouts usually occur around the halfway mark of the raid, around 10:30pm ET, or on a per boss basis. Raid invites go out at 8:45pm and guildies are expected to be online no later than 8:50pm ET so that we can pull promptly at 9pm.

    How do you deal with loot?
    We use the EPGP loot system with some variations on item costs.

    What benefits do I have as a raiding member of Apotheosis?
    - Guild repairs available 24/7, not just progression nights
    - Feasts dropped prior to every boss pull
    - Raider-ranked members may request enchants and gems for their main spec raiding gear from the guild bank for free
    - Steady progression, repeated boss kills
    - Reliable raiding schedule. Check our World of Logs calendar and you'll see that we raid very reliably and very regularly: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/97494/
    - Doing other stuff with guildies: 90 randoms, challenge modes, alt runs, arena or rated battlegrounds. We're a very active guild with a lot going on!

    How do I apply?
    Head over to our website at:

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask:

    Serrinne, Recruitment Officer
    Battletag: Serrinnelol#1177
    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter: @SerrinneWoW


    Jasyla, GM
    Battletag: Jasyla#1355
    www.cannotbetamed.com - Resto druid blog

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    Current Progression
    5/6 H MSV
    3/6 H HOF
    4/4 ToES

    ** Recruitment video!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE9egkNkBPI
    ** Featured on WoW Insider!: http://wow.joystiq.com/2012/08/08/ne...he-guild-realm

    What we need from you:
    - Be motivated to be the best. If you aren't, and do not care that much, you aren't going to do that well.
    - Have 100% dedication to playing your character and class
    - Be RELIABLE, we need you to attend almost every raid. In the events that you can't attend we need to know in advance.
    - Have a microphone and not be afraid to use it. We do not type to communicate as it wastes time

    You will receive criticism when you make mistakes, sometimes it will be harsh, but you must be able to take this and improve. If you are going to go and cry to your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/mom when someone tells you that you did something wrong, we are not the place for you.

    What you can expect from us:
    - A disciplined and hardcore raid environment, as a guild our focus will be on being #1 and anything else is falling short.
    - A social environment, for most of our members that is one of the biggest draws of this game. So you will find people on at all times, many of us play different games as well. Our guild may be predicated around raiding but we want a family type atmosphere (although that of a dysfunctional one) and do want interaction and interests to go beyond raiding.

    Bless the Martyr in the News

    Standard raid schedule:
    8:30-12:00 EST

    High Need
    Discipline Priest
    Shadow Priest
    Balance Druid

    GM & RL: [email protected]
    Recruitment lead: [email protected]

    or email [email protected]
    or a third option via txt 773-915-3643

    If you prefer to speak with someone on the server, pst any officer in game:
    Meows/Pathosìs, Worldboss/Blítzkrieg, or Cishir
    Apply at

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