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    Tidy Plates...I give up, please help me MMO!

    So I have a dilemma that I want resolved after so many weeks. I love Tidy Plates and I do NOT want to part ways with them but I'm to ignorant to figure out the solution.

    Problem: I want to see the default name/titles

    I'm sorry if this is to big, please downsize it for me, thanks in advance!

    I stole the above picture from google images, so thanks for whoever uploaded it. It don't care about anything else other than the characters name showing with titles so I want to see the above default blizzard name Krucel, Delver of the Faults BUT I want to see everyone else including enemies with Tidy plates when I go into combat or non combat.

    Is this possible?

    TL;DR = I want Default Blizzard Name on MYSELF (Show Above) + Tidy Plates on everyone else.
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    Showing nameplates for all targets is a Blizzard setting separate from TidyPlates. IDK if there is any function to toggle these on/off when you enter/leave combat.
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    Edit: I'm sorry I blamed you Tidy Plates....YOU BASTARD FONTER!!!!!
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    Just hit ctrl+V (I believe) to show/hide nameplates on everyone?

    For the options hit escape -> Interface - Names

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