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    [H - Proudmoore - US] 7/14H 10M LF Ranged DPS & Heals

    <Fate Sealed> of Proudmoore (a LGBT-friendly & PST server) is looking for reliable, skilled raiders for our 10M Raid Teams. We are also looking to expand our roster with social members andplayers that are interested in raiding occasionally as needed in a back-up role capacity.

    We are a semi-serious, progression-based 10M raiding guild; we currently have 2 progression 10M Raid Teams. As a group, we have been raiding together since the end of Cataclysm. Individually, most of us have been playing since Vanilla (extensive prior raid knowledge) and several of us have been raiding together for years. We choose to raid on a more relaxed schedule that puts focus on people we raid with and the quality of our raids. We believe that we can accomplish our goals with like-minded individuals while balancing WoW with RL.

    We are looking for friendly, mature-minded players who are either interested in raiding, leveling up an alt, or looking for a social, casual environment.

    We offer a laid-back, friendly setting where your questions/comments won't be ignored, drama won't be tolerated, and where help and humor are disgustingly abundant.

    Team Less Than Three:
    raids Sun, Mon, & Thurs; 7-10PM PST/10-1AM EST
    recruiting: 1-2 Ranged DPS, 1 Shadow Priest (with Disc/Holy OS), 1 Resto Shaman OR Holy Pally
    7/14H SoO 8/13H ToT 7/16H MV/HoF/ToES

    Team Insert Here:
    raids Tues & Wed; 7-10PM PST/10-1AM EST
    recruiting: 1 Mage, 1 Ele Shaman (with Resto OS), 1 Strength Melee
    13/14N SoO 12/12N ToT

    Flex Fridays -- all socials and casuals welcome

    Guild Website:

    Raiding Applicant requirements:
    - A stable internet connection. Access to Mumble.
    - Knowledge of your role (or roles) in the raid and how to perform your tasks optimally while surviving the encounters. High raid awareness is important for performing and doing well in a raid environment.
    - Raid Preparation including consumables & reading up on boss encounters.
    - Maturity and the ability to handle yourself when called on during raids for corrections.
    - **Absolutely NO Drama**
    - **Absolutely NO derogatory remarks about sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, etc.**
    - Ages 18 and up, please

    We prefer that raider applicants to be fully geared from the current tier of content, but if not, we prefer high raid awareness/class knowledge over gear. Ideally, you should have some familiarity with each fight. All new applicants should carefully read up on new boss fights before each raid, and bring their A-games to raids.

    Visit our website for more information OR if you have immediate questions, feel free to contact me on WoW with my Battle Tag (Kaelani#1390) or e-mail me at [email protected].


    **All applicants are subject to interview and a trial period.**
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    oh god this would be the perfect guild for me.... lgbt friendly and all (im a holy paladin too)
    but raid time are start an hr before i get home from work
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    I hear people say bring War back to World of Warcraft, well how about bringing World back to World of Warcraft

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    Sorry to hear that!

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    These guys are awesome. You know you wanna join

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