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    I want a lower populated realm so I can horde all the nodes and shit, but I got stuck on a high pop cross-realm zone called NYC, and everyone jacks shit from everyone else. And it's a carebear server so I can't do anything about it except maybe report them if I think they're hacking.

    Needless to say I could pay the server transfer fees, but the Southwest zone is currently cross-realm zoned with the Mexico zone, and those guys are the best at farming. The South zone is full of race-baiting CoD-playing 12 year old kiddies, and the West/Pacific NW zone is full of stoners, and I don't have time for that shit. And everyone knows the economy in the Midwest zone is totally borked with all the blacksmithing/herbing/farming markets falling through the floor. I suppose I could go EU, but I'd have to start over at my same level, but with 0 skills in language and have to relearn all my professions. All the EU folks at my own level would probably wtfpwn me.
    a well thought out server transfer!

    I wanted to transfer server myself, but given that I'm only at level 22 and I haven't farmed that much gold yet, not to mention I'm enjoying my job class.. so it's pretty difficult. and and and! I'm not sure about the community on those servers

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    When i hired a mercenary on maestia and i clicked the wrong class of mercenary that i needed.

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