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    I do hope there will be a banwave so Blizzard can make their costumers happy but something tells me they will only get banned for 3 hours. Back in TBC, if you got caught, you would get permanent banned, wonder why they are so afraid of banning people now?

    Sending a ticket wont do much. Here look at me, i got 1000 reports and got a 3h ban after three months. THREE months.
    It's quite simple: Back in tbc they cared about the integrity of the game. Now, they care about money.

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    Considering how many people are win-trading RBGs I doubt Blizzard ever gave a warning, let alone ban someone for this. They probably don't even know about it, or if they do, they have no clue how to fix it, and it's their fault for this phenomenon. There are tons of people from multiple player categories who are doing this, casuals, pvers, decent PvPers, hardcore PvPers (gladiators or R1 ones), etc. If anyone is to blame for this, it's Blizzard, not the wintraders, and tbh, why the hell would you even care about what others do? This kind of threads are sickening... Just move on, get better at game and get your stuff for real or wintrade yourself, QQing on others will not help you whatsoever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dcruize View Post
    You sure it's not against the rules, how is it different to buying gold? Unless that is I've misunderstood the concept and people do this for free.
    Buying RBG you "Spend ingame gold for ingame loot/ranks ect..."

    Buying Gold you "Spend real life cash for ingame gold"

    That is the major difference in those 2.

    To sum this up if buying RBG ranks is breaking the rules so is selling heroic raids runs.

    Even more so when all both teams is doing is syncing there Q's so they can group together.

    Last checked pushing a botton at the sametime as another player is not breaking the rules.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Notnicebb View Post
    It's quite simple: Back in tbc they cared about the integrity of the game. Now, they care about money.
    This is the crux of the current issues with the game.

    Apparently Blizzard forgot that integrity is sexy and brings in more money in the long run.
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    Of course wintrading is against the rules, everyone knows it and everyone knows why it should be. There's no debate here or at least there shouldn't be. I'm certainly not going to debate the obvious.

    Further, if you do even a tiny bit of research you'll see that historically Blizzard has issued bans, some even permanent, and often removed gear. Now, whether the current Blizzard team will aggressively pursue the problem I don't know. They don't seem too concerned with the integrity of their game these days and as I said earlier, historically, it takes them months, even years, to put a solution in place. And said solution will likely have nothing to do with any solution that requires significant effort on their part.

    Unfortunately, absent direct and visible enforcement, the current situation will remain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtbrig7390 View Post
    Last checked pushing a botton at the sametime as another player is not breaking the rules.
    Time to check again, because it most certainly is.
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    If a three hour ban is all the punishment there is, it's totally worth it. I don't personally use the system, but I just do not see a reason they should stop. Three hours is no punishment at all, in my opinion.

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