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    mumble help

    So I recently had to reformat and had to reinstall mumble. When I added the one server I use, the connect button stays greyed out and I cannot click it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling mumble, I double checked the server info, I even tried changing my user name, and still the connect button has been unclickable. Does anyone know what I can do about this? I'm not very familiar with mumble so I'm probably missing something
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    Double check the host name again, just to make sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sTyLnK View Post
    Double check the host name again, just to make sure.
    What he said. That is overall the most common problem. If you can, copy paste from something to ensure you have all capitalization and whatnot correct.

    At the last resort, check your router and such to make sure that ports aren't blocked.

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    Also please PM me if you can't get this figured out, OR IF YOU DO. I have this problem where when I try to help someone, if I don't know whether it's resolved or not, I worry about it.

    As I said before, usually if the connect button doesn't work, it's the server info, so please keep double checking that.
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    Just start fresh and try again.
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    Do you use comcast?

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