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    Cheapest DPS profession to skill up?

    So I am looking for 2nd profession for my warlock alt, since we started doing some alt raiding. I have (most) crafting professions at max already on other characters, so there's no real void that needs to be filled, so any dps increasing profession will do.

    Now he already has alchemy, and was wondering what 2nd profession would be really easy to skill up for the least investment thinking about


    Any input? It's been a while since I've leveled any professions from scratch, and I know it's kind of server specific, but maybe there was one that stood out as really cheap to max.
    Quit hardcore raiding, will be playing casually and maybe mythic+
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    Any can be cheap just pick up the collection skill for it go pre harvest a ton of mats drop it and get the skill. Just takes your time.

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    IMO Tailoring. Cloth is usually pretty cheap or easy to farm. Plus Tailoring is huge for Warlocks if I'm not mistaken.

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    Imo Tailoring is ridiculously easy and cheap to grind up: the cloth drop rate is extremely high and in the auction house the prices (at least on my server) are really low.

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    People are selling alchemy 1-600 kits for 6,000 gold on my server, so i'd assume that to be one. By this i'd assume Inscription to be decently cheap.

    Most everything else hits a roadblock somewhere between outland and wrath, but sometimes you can level two together. For instance, make Jewelcrafting stuff and then just disenchant everything you make.

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    Tailoring is the cheapest and most usefull for ur lock.

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    If you plan to do any pvp on him atall then blacksmithing is the only way to go.
    Usually not the cheapest skill to level (without mining), but its not horrible.
    For the mop stuff you can get away with just using ghost iron up to 550 and stop there.
    Expect to pay in blood for cobalt and fel iron tho.

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    i'd suggest Tailoring and Blacksmithing ...

    once we have epic gems in this expansion the BS bonus will rock!
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    Inscription and Tailoring are both really simple and easy to level. You may have to spend an hour or two farming some of the expensive cloth you need though if you really wnat to do it cheap (frostweave/embersilk).

    Alchemy is the boss though. I power leveled it the other day. 50 mins and 3400g later and bam - 600/600 Elixer Master.

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    Inscription works well. I levelled up a couple for the extra scroll cooldowns for Darkmoon cards. Really didn't take long or any serious amount of expense either.

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    Tailoring. The mats require nothing but time(well except for the threads), no gathering prof required. Lightweave is huge for casters as well.

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    Inscription is hella cheap and cloth is cheap until frost weave. Which is easy to farm.
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    Inscription would be the cheapest (and easiest) option out of those, by a pretty good margin. All it takes is herbs and you can freely swap between herbs of similar level without any issue. Tailoring has a few bottlenecks during levelling (1400 Frostweave Cloth being the biggest one) and you occasionally need enchanting mats.

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    Tailoring and inscription.

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    Mate try with jc and mining its easy to lvl up and make's you a really good gems and good profit

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    As mentioned the two best professions for you are Tailoring + Blacksmithing but if you're not willing to drop Alchemy then just get Tailoring. Cloth is easy enough to get, especially as an alchemist.

    For Linen through Mageweave, I'd just buy the cloth I need unless it's something ridiculous like 100g a stack.

    Runecloth - Solo BWL, might get some battle pets, Teebu's, uncommon transmog gear, etc. If you still need more run normal Hellfire Ramparts
    Netherweave - Solo TK (clear trash if all you want is cloth or clear trash and Kael if you're going for mount). If you need more run heroic Hellfire Ramparts. BT is also another nice source of this cloth. Normally piss-cheap though so dunno if you need to farm.
    Frostweave - Solo Naxx for cloth and battle pets. If you need more, go to the Argent Tournament grounds and kill the cultists nearby.
    Embersilk - Make a few of those Cataclysm luck potions then farm the troggs in Deepholm. You're in the right area when you find the all-out war between Troggs and Earthen.
    Windwool - Sneeze in Pandaria.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. Seems like consensus on cheapest/easiest is tailoring and inscription.

    Since I already have a bunch of low level cloth lying around from leveling alts, I think that's going to be it.

    And trubo, thanks for the cloth areas, should help a bit.
    Quit hardcore raiding, will be playing casually and maybe mythic+
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    I would suggest tailoring

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    I leveled Alch in a few hours it's by far the easiest skill to level.

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    id say insc/alc personally,though it may vary by server. tailoring was ok till frostweave which was pretty insane >.>

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