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    Blacksmithing come 5.2

    With the new changes to leveling blacksmithing come 5.2 with the new Ghost Iron has anyone got more information as to when the recipiency turns yellow and what level it is learnt at. Reason being I want to farm ahead of time so when it drops i can get to capish fast.

    Also has there been a change to engineering? I looked but haven't seen anything but I did read something about it. Any info as to what's happening? Else I guess I shall be farming away at old world mats. urg...

    Off topic: Anyone worried about old world mats dying out? Akin to the death of old world cooking mats have seen. Will make mining on an alt almost moot other than as a feeder for other capped professions.
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    see the thread here on all the new Ghost Iron Training Recipe info.

    afaik, no changes have been made yet to eng.

    Jewelcrafting and engineering still need old-world ore, and judging by the catchup mechanic in it's current iteration, it's far cheaper to level using old world mats anyway.

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