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    The Secret World isn't medieval, but it's got a pretty fun story and you can take your time with it. It can be pretty tough though, but questing's easier in groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drewan View Post
    cause the grind is horendous and all the females wear butt floss and have hip gyrating problems and their is a sole race of little girls in lingerie
    to appeal to pedos XD

    OT: I'd say GW2, great fun and since there is no sub you can pick up and play whenever and not feel like you are wasting money like a lot of sub based games (that is if you don't play often)

    If you are planning to wait a bit, Dragons Prophet, Neverwinter Online, and The Elder Scrolls Online are all set to come out this year. Also if you two like Steampunk I highly advise checking out City of Steam.
    Seriously TERA is a great game grind aside. And combat blows GW2 out of the water. But then i can't stand GW2 feels like the try so hard to be different that they shot themselves in the foot.

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