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    Lightbulb What do you guys think of this pet battle team?

    Came up with this interesting idea for a pet battle team. Wanted to see what you other pet battle buffs thought of it.

    What do you guys think of a dot cleave team? Relies on dots, and aoe damage to kill the team. Trying to think of some pets this might work with. Would be interesting to have something like a Restless Shadeling, Singing Song Flower, and Fungal Abomination.

    Use the Singing Song Flower for increased healing and aoe damage, and use the Restless Shadeling for the team wide healing with Plagued Blood (I think thats what its called), and then spread dots and shadelings healing ability on everyone and boom. You got yourself a damned near invincible team right there. Plus Singing Song Flower has a nice aoe heal along with 2 big hitting abilities.

    What do you guys think?

    Viscidus Globule might work as well, but I like the extra healing Fungal Abomination gets from Leech Seed on top of Plagued Blood.
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