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    Favourite Fashion Era

    Curious to see the different tastes in fashion we have here on the forum. As the title says really:

    What is your favourite fashion era?

    Is it a style that you still wear today? Or maybe a style you would wear if it came back into trend? Or is it something you'd like to wear but don't.

    For women it's a close call for me between 1930's and the early 1980's. Very much chalk and cheese yes, but the one thing I dislike about the 30's was the trend to have a dead animal as a scarf, or draped over the shoulder. Other than that.... the dresses looked amazing back then.

    The early 80's for the punk style, I guess a mix of Goth and Punk for me. I've seen a lot of goth women and some of their outfits are amazing. I think they look even better when paired with an outrageous neon coloured head of hair. I'm not talking the mohawk style though, rather more the part shaved style that Rhianna resurrected not long ago. (or atleast I think it was her) or just a cute little hair doo!

    For men I'd have to say the 50's. Ofcourse I'm going off all the movies and such, and James Dean but in the 50's the guys looked cool! A lot of the 50's stuff has actually come back recently with a slight modern twist, and I think it looks really nice :3

    So whats your year?
    Feel free to add pictures if you wish!
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    I guess I like the mid 1920's swing look for women, and the 1820s-ish top hat + cane and suit.
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    Gotta go with the 1970s, it just seemed like a really cool time period to have been around.

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    I honestly like todays fashion for men and women, I also like the 1920-ish look for women and the 1850-ish look for men.

    I pray that the fashion of the late 1970's, 1980's and 1990's never ever make a comeback. Everything (clothing styles, hair, colors, EVERYTHING!) looked horrible then.
    Case in point: My mom, who's getting close to 60 now, looks better/younger today than she did in the 1980's, looking at photos.

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