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    Guild alliances

    Does this happen on other realms aswell?

    My realm consists of 1 dominant horde guild, and 3-4 average alliance guilds.

    These alliance guilds are "rivals" but still friends as we make altruns within the 4 guilds every weekend. Friendly weekend nights on VT discussing progress, tactics and the great "race" to sha HC.

    Basicly this 1 horde guild is the only one who killed sha HC and the realm is 97% alliance.

    Does any other realm have these kind of alliances with "rival" guilds spending time together in altruns in weekends?

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    The last guild I seriously raided with a guild was back in BC, and while we always tried to act mature, when we tried to maintain an alliance, the other guilds would try to steal our members to try and further their progression. It was weird.

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    With the introduction of 10M, I think inter-guild alliances have fallen by the wayside. Back in Vanilla, these alliances were fairly commonplace in order to run 40M raids.
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