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    Amber-Shaper Heroic 10 Man

    Havn't been able to find a whole lot of info on this boss, so I thought I'd start a thread and see what input I get. We started on this boss yesterday (3 pulls before the night was over... not much of a start), and will we working on it all tomorrow, and here are the two strats we've used.

    The first strat was to have each tank eat 1 pool in phase 1, transition on the 4th reshape, keep stacks on boss, burn construct, etc. Lust 50% into phase 2 and then obv burn with high stacks in p3.

    The other strat was very very similar, but tanks ate 3 pools in phase 1.

    I know there are like a ton of strats, but I would love to hear what has worked for other people. Our best attempt was 75% on the monstrosity before someone blew up the raid..... As a healer, the second strat is WAY easier to heal, but I'm concerned we won't have enough pools out... Oh, and we're running 2 tanks, 2 heals, 6 dps. I've heard there are mysterious 3 tank strats, but I don't think we have a 3rd tank to use, at least not this week.

    Thanks for any and all input (well, as long as it's relevant xD)

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    You can also 3-heal it, thats what we did. Somehow couldn't handle 2 healing because of all the RNG.

    Doesn't matter how many puddles you eat / how many reshapes you do. The more reshapes you do in p1, the shorter p3 is. But you also have to wait longer in p1 before eventually someone fucks up in p2.

    For learning the fight, only do like 2-3 reshapes in p1 cause boss % doesnt matter if youre learning p2. If you reach p3, you can optimize p1. You should aim to have like 4+ puddles leftover + 4 new from the amberscalpel when you push. So that means 8+ total blobs when you enter p2. thats plenty for your permanent construct to reach p3. Less than that might work, but depends on your p2 dps.

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    I have been looking for some Info ón this fight but havent found mutch.

    but what i found is using 3 tanks seems simpel - just let that 3rd tank be a construct from the start and his only focus is to stack ón the boss

    im just wondering if we can use 3 healers aswell and only 4 dps or would that make it to hard for the dps ?

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    you can find a 2 page discussion on this boss on this very forum.

    ht tp: // w w w .mmo-champion.com/ threads/1250280-Amber-Shaper-Un-sok-10er-Heroic/page1

    placed a space since i'm a newbie

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    We use 3 tanks as a 25 man and each tank eats 1 pool in p1. I've heard most 10 mans use 2 tanks and the dps just kite or use a defensive CD during fling.

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    2 tanks 3 healers 5 dps

    -Tanks eat one pool each in p1.
    -Have tanks keep up the debuff throughout p1 and the transition into p2 of course.
    -Hold dps on boss at 75-80% and push him into p2 as the 4th reshape life goes off. This reshaped tank will stay a construct until you loot.
    -The permanent monstrosity now just runs between boss and Giant amber and cycles the debuff. Of course he interrupts himself when neeeded and drinks pools as appropriate.He never worries about interrupting Giant Amber.
    -The first Amber scalpel in p2 is the hardest part to heal with this strat. Lots of respawning ambers and new ones coming. Use some raid CDs for sure.
    -For fling we usually have ret taunt and run away or get gripped. But if it is on a ranged then the tank can taunt middair and get it back.
    -Reshape is timed 5-10s before Giant Amber explodes the first 2 times it will happen in p2. This means that the newly reshaped life person runs straight to the Giant amber and gets rdy to interrupt. Then drinks no pools just spams the debuff onto Giant amber until they can exit. Do so.
    -The 3rd explosion comes almost at the same time as the 3rd reshape. You have 4 options here
    1. Lust inbetween 2nd and 3rd reshapes and hope to kill him before the 3rd is cast.
    2. Gather close to Giant amber as it is about to go off, hopefully get the interrupt as the new reshape wont have to run much to be in melee range.
    3. All gather up and use massive raid CDs to survive it.
    4. Allow the tank to stop stacking on Giant amber and concentrate on getting the interrupt while keeping the boss debuffed.
    -When you are geared you wont even get a 3rd explosion without lust.
    -P3 lust if you still have it of course, collide the first 2 baubles and he should die before the next set are relevant.

    Hope this helps.
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