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    Amber-Shaper Un'sok 10er Heroic


    we want to try this boss with a permanent construct in P2. For this we prefer our warrior tank so we will have 3-4 reshapes depending on which tank is the first. Now i have some questions.

    1) How many pools do we need in p2 with this strat and how many pools should every tank consume in p1? Our Dps is okay, we play with 6 DDs (Moonkin,Arcane,Shadow,Enhancer,DK,Warlock)
    2) What should be the job of the permanent construct and what should other reshaped people do?permanent->boss other-> add+interrupt?
    3) How many pools do we need for the last phase?
    4) How do we handle the fling?
    An answer for this question and other hints for this encounter would be very appreciated.
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    im not 100% sure how 10 man works since ive only done it 25 man.
    what i can say is dont care that much how many pools you have. if you wipe because there are too less pools wait longer in p1 in the next try.
    the job of the permanent construct should be to keep debuff up on both targets, aka bosshit->constructhit->bosshit->constructhit
    the other constructs need to interupt the big one and stack on it after. to make sure there is always a temporary construct active when a interupt is needed you need to time perfectly when p2 starts. we always bring him to p2 5-10 secs after our last tank got transformed. with that done perfectly your temporary constructs should be transformed ~10 sec before they have to interrupt the big one.
    for the last phase you dont need any pools if your permanent construct kept stacking on both since p3 will take less than 40 sec then.
    hope this helps

    i forgot to add in p1 always eat 1 pool not more and not less
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    1) Eat 2, leave 2. It's the safest way to ensure 8-9 Stacks on the Boss each Reshape Cycle. You should enter P2 with 6-8 Puddles, which is fine. Just to be clear, you mean pushing on the 4th / 5th Reshape? Not on the 3rd Reshape? That might be too soon for Stacks on the Boss and Puddles. In Short: The more pools you eat the less raiddamage you got but at the risk of not having enough at the end of p2. Just figure out what works for you. Everything between 1 and 3 is fine.

    2) That's my Job. Primary Duty is keeping the Stack on the Boss. With the right timing, you can alternate between Boss and Add to keep stacks on both of them. Sometimes the timing / puddles will just fuck you up so that stats might drop from the add - thats ok - just don't never let them drop off the boss. Interrupt yourself. Interrupt on the Boss will be done be the other Reshapes. At least 1 and 2. 3rd might be possible, but will most likely be interrupted by Tank Reshape. 4th needs to be interrupted by Tank Reshape. Those timings will only work, if you push on the Amber Scalpel+Reshape Life Combo in P1.

    3) Last Phase? You mean the 3rd Phase? Zero. Phase lasts about 30 secs if you Stack right (and with a perm. construct you need to). If one of your Constructs dies just Heal/CD the construct explosion. You will run out of pools at the end of P2, depending on your damage.

    4) Your Combo: Kite and Pray. Seriously - this fight is fucked up. 2 Tank / 2 Heal and the RNG will fuck you up. You're supposed to let your DK taunt 1-2 secs before the Fling, so he will get flinged and not your tankt. However on the 3rd/4th the timers of stomp and shit will align so that even if you taunt (as Dk with grip), your tank will be flinged. If your DK gets debuff shortly before the fling, he's fucked. If your DK gets reshaped, youre fucked. Requires alot of coordination and quick thinking. Worst case: heal your enhancer/DK if they pull aggro when the tank gets flinged.
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    1) 1 pool each if 3 reshapes; 1 pool the first tank and 2 the rest if 4
    2) The permacostructed tank should stack on both boss AND monstruosity while keeping himself high enough on energy (use addons like weakaura and tellmewhen to track stacks on both boss and monstruosity), the other constructs should only stack on the mostruosity and handle the interrupt, they don't drink any pool. Depending on your dps you could have some "bad" interrupts (we started to have issues from the 3rd cast) so we decided to BL when the monstruosity reached 12 stacks (which happens kinda fast if done correctly) and just burn it down in 2 reshapes.
    3) We reached ph3 with 2 pools i believe, since they give 50 energy each they can refull the energy of the permacostruct and that's all you need, if you don't drop stacks on the boss (which you shouldn't) ph3 will last 40s or so anyway and you won't need pools.
    4) We handled fling with our Dk dps taunting few secs b4 and being flung , i believe any plate dps or rogue can do that.

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    Thanks for your input.
    So one of you said, we should have the change between p1/p2 during Amber Scalpel+Reshape Life while another one said 5-10 seconds after the Reshape Life. How many interrupts are safe with the second option?

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    If you push p2 as he casts amber scalpel before a reshape life he will do - Scalpel > reshape > Spawn Monstrosity. The timing on the reshape will allow all further reshapes to spawn about 5-10s before they need to interrupt monstrosity.

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    My guild is also working on this boss atm - I like the strat you guys posted here - do any of you have a decent video that includes this strat?

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    we do this strat. we have our 2 tanks switching back and forth in phase until the boss has 28-32 stacks, dps dont touch the boss since the tanks will get the boss to 75% ish on their own, they just kill adds. i think our tanks eat 3/3/3/3/2/2 pools(not 100% though). we push the boss when the last scalpel comes out to push the boss further down, warrior getting into the construct last. he keeps putting stacks on the boss while eating pools to stay with enough will power. everyone else who gets turned into a construct interrupts themselves/monstrosity while getting broken out. if you keep stacks on the boss phase 3 should end alittle after the first amber globes things come out. if your tank drops stacks on the boss, wipe it and do it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkExileCreel View Post
    My guild is also working on this boss atm - I like the strat you guys posted here - do any of you have a decent video that includes this strat?

    My guild killed the boss last night using this tactic of keeping a tank full time on construct on phase 2... Ignore the lag i had in some parts.. haha

    " So much lost time... that you'll never get back!"....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkExileCreel View Post
    My guild is also working on this boss atm - I like the strat you guys posted here - do any of you have a decent video that includes this strat?
    probably not too useful since it's from a mage pov

    there are two main things though,
    1) kill the puddles close to the bosses
    2) tanks keep the bosses close to the puddles
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    Quote Originally Posted by Winkle View Post
    If you push p2 as he casts amber scalpel before a reshape life he will do - Scalpel > reshape > Spawn Monstrosity. The timing on the reshape will allow all further reshapes to spawn about 5-10s before they need to interrupt monstrosity.
    False. If you push him like that the 2nd player being constructed will be constructed just 2-3 seconds before the monstrosity casts it, and the 3rd time the player will be constructed 2-3 seconds AFTER the monstrosity has casted his explosion. So you would have the tank to step in and iterupt.

    Anyways, people are overcomplicating the fight imo, maybe it was because we had good bursts dpsers, but here's how we did it:

    Don't dps the boss in P1, have 6 reshapes go through, the tank eats all 4 of the blobs that spawn each time, you'll have plenty of time to dps him down. The tanks keep stacking the boss. On the 6th reshape, the tank only eats 3, so the dpsers can dps him quickly and get ready for the burn. We burn him while he is casting the 7th reshape. Here you get a ~18 second burn on him, while he has around 50 stacks. We make sure he is around 74% before the burn starts, so people can dot him up before it. We bl here, uses pots and everything. We usually manage to push him to atleast 30%, but sometimes we get him to under 15%. (if people got on-use trinkets here, use them)

    From here on it's easy mode. We dps the new tank who just got constructed (Because we pushed him during an scalpel) and have him eat all 5 puddles that are up. We have our WW monk taunt the first fling, as the tank is constructed, after that, both tanks will be there to handle them. The next people who get reshaped will eat all thier 4 pools that spawn, and stay in until thier willpower is low (we dps them down ofcourse). During all this, we totally ignore the stacks on the boss and just stack as much as we can on the monstrosity. Monstristy dies really fast. Interupts are not a problem as there are usually 2 people up at the same time. When the monstrosity gets low, we have the newest reshaped player stay in for the whole fight, and just stack the boss. He get 4 puddles to eat, and remember they give you 50 WP in the last phase.

    Last phase isn't long at all, even though the boss will only have ~5 stacks when you go into it. Even when he was at 30% hp he melted like hell. It's good if people can learn how to handle the amber beacons (it's really easy if people actually know what to do) but you could also keep kiting them. The enrage is 10 minutes (so ignore the 9 minute from Bigwigs if you use it) and we usually kill him around 9:20.

    With this tactic, the only hard part is learning how to burst in a 18 seconds window for your class, but anyone who has done Heroic spine should know that (; There is litterly no damage during P2 and P1, and no blobs are ever up. We experimented alot with the others tactics before using this, but tbh this was so much calmer and easier. The only annoying part is if someone fucks some big thing up (self explosion or whatever) you just waisted 5-6 minutes stacking the boss.

    Oh, and it probably goes without saying, we use 2 healers. Best would be resto druid and disc priests for thier dps in the 18 second window, but we use a resto shammy and holy pala, so all healers work ^^ We got a fairly good burst setup, but there are better ^^ Anyways goodluck! here's logs from our first kill: (do note that the burst get's abit fucked up with wol, as you can see it states that our arcane mage did more then the total damage, but you get the idea)

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    This was my tactical summary posted on our forums after we killed this couple of weeks ago. This was for the dedicated stacking method.

    Tactical Summary for Amber Shaper Un'Sok.

    3 Phase fight.
    2 Tanks
    2 Healers
    1-2 Melee
    Rest Ranged

    Phase 1

    During phase 1 it is very important that the DPS do not touch the boss at all until the order is given to nuke the boss.
    DPS responsibilty during P1 is to dps the Blobs and the Tanks. Tank damage should be stopped when the tank is at 25% HP to allow dots to drop off and still have the tanks alive.
    Tanks will alternate a total of 6 times. When the 6th tank has picked been transformed it is then the raids job to nuke the latest scalpel adds and then imediately nuke boss as low as possible.

    Tank rotation.

    1st tank will leave 0 puddles.
    2nd tank will leave 0 puddles.
    3rd tank will leave 0 puddles.
    4th tank will leave 1 puddle.
    5th tank will leave 3 puddles.

    This means we go into P2 with 7 puddles up.

    P1-P2 transition.

    It is very important that DPS make sure to kill all blobs before turning onto the boss. This is important because we want all DPS pushing as high as poss on boss to reduce his HP by the maximum amount. Any DPS whoring will ultimately have a negative impact on the raid.

    Phase 2 - Most difficult phase.

    During phase 2 there are several priorities and many things going on.

    Tank 6 will be kept shaped for the rest of the fight now. He will have to eat multiple times in order to keep his energy up.

    Tank 6 resposibility is to mainatin stacks on both the Boss and the Monstrosity.
    Periodically a DPS will be reshaped. The DPS responsibilty is to make sure that the Monstrosity is interrupted as well as themselves. Try to stay in the reshape to refresh a stack on monstrosity and leave immediately after the refresh.

    DPS responsibilty is as follows.

    Kill blobs - this is especially important when we are running low and the tank needs energy to make sure he can interrupt himself. It really will be a case sometimes of immediate nuke as the scalpel is being cast.

    DPS the reshaped DPS - It is imperative that the reshaped DPS are brought to below 20%. During this phase you will stop dmg at 30% on te reshaped player to allow dots to tick off. If the reshaped player is above 20% and he needs to be released it is his/her resposibilty to call out for more dps on him/her.

    DPS monstrosity - At all times dmg should be rolling on the monstrosity. Other mobs will take priority over this one, but the phase ends when this mob is dead.

    Bloodlust will be used during this phase. It will be used after the first dps/healer reshape has been released and after the following scalpel. This means we focus the fuck out of the scalpel since puddles will be running low, and then BL and nuke monstrosity for quite a bit of uniterrupted dps on it. (Dots should be rolling on the reshaped dps/healer).

    Monstrosity should die during this Bloodlust. He should have about 5-7 stacks when we lust.

    Phase 3 Easy mode!!

    Phase 3 begins when the monstrosity dies. Ignore all other mobs, they will despawn eventually. Switch immediately to boss and stack up in melee.

    After about 5-10 seconds 2 players will be debuffed with ORBS. As long as these two players do not fuck up it is a kill at this point. If you are affected by orbs, simply move out of the raid, locate the other player and run your orbs together without touching them.

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    u say ignore all mobs in phase3, u mean ignore slims they will despawn?

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    We just changed our strat to eliminate a lot of RNG and boy this fight is really easy if you do this:

    Reshape 1-5 eat all 4 pools
    Rehsape 6-7 eat 2 pools
    BURN THE BOSS TO 10-20% on the 8th scalpel / 8th reshape
    Leave tank 8th reshape in and stack monstrosity / Let stacks fall off boss
    Get DPS out on 1st and 2nd reshape of p2
    After the 2nd interrupt, tank swaps to boss to build stacks
    Tank interrupts the cast
    DPS priority is always - get people to 20% > killing oozes > killing monstrosity
    If you get a 3rd reshape just leave them, but it is ideal to kill monstrosity on 3rd scalpel (~20-25 stacks)
    You should have 1 or 2 pools left at the end of 2 for your tank
    Kite orbs in p3
    Easy win

    We were doing the whole get the boss to 60-70 stacks before p3 and it was too RNG and dependent on p2. Phase 2 has a lot of potential room for error, so if you eliminate that error, the entire fight becomes easy. We had the boss to around 6-7 stacks before p3 started and 10 when he died. He started p3 at 50mil hp. This strat is way easier than maintaining stacks on both, phase3 is just as short as before, and it's fun to see how low you can get the boss before p2.
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    Any ideas why he sometimes throws the Fling target to melee, stunning everyone in the process?

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    pushing the boss on the 8th scalpel/reshape is quite hard, we got to about the 6th and boss was alrdy 72% ish, So gonna be rly hard gettin up to 8 scalpels. our tanks were only using no1 to stack teh debuff and pressing esc afterwards, and none of our raid was aoein or hittin it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathruler11 View Post
    pushing the boss on the 8th scalpel/reshape is quite hard, we got to about the 6th and boss was alrdy 72% ish, So gonna be rly hard gettin up to 8 scalpels. our tanks were only using no1 to stack teh debuff and pressing esc afterwards, and none of our raid was aoein or hittin it
    Nobody can attack boss, and tanks must stop auto attacking. Only damage should be from pressing '1'. It's actually much easier than you think. You may have a few missteps doing it the first time but once the tanks get it down, it's really easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potentio View Post
    Any ideas why he sometimes throws the Fling target to melee, stunning everyone in the process?
    It's just like "general vezax" where you need to have X amount of people away from the boss. This is to prevent everyone from stacking on monstrosity and having 1 person stand out to always get flung at.

    Even if you can't make it to 8, do 7. We get to 10-20% or so, so I'm sure with 7 you will be around 20-30% which is completely doable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Potentio View Post
    Any ideas why he sometimes throws the Fling target to melee, stunning everyone in the process?
    He flings the tank onto a ranged class. If any ranged are within melee range, then you can get flung on top of melee.

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    we had a problem come up last night on our attempts. multiple times when it was time to interupt the monstrosity explosion it was not possible to do so. we had a balance druid who had this happen to him 3 times early in the night and we figured he was just messing up. On one of our last attempts i got reshaped (first time in like 25 attempts) and it happened to me as well. I got reshaped>interupted my own explosion.. then i was going to have to interupt the monstrosity and then myself within like 3 secs of each other, so i was setup on the monstrosity waiting for his cast and when he started i could not interupt him, no matter how many times i slammed the 1 it wasnt possible. Our tank who we were leaving full time contructed in p2 had also run over to make sure we got the interupt off and he was unable to stop him as well also slamming 1. Anyone know what caused this?

    we had a theory that if u let the stacks fall off of the monstrosity it is not possible to interupt him, but it was only a guess and we cant figure out for sure whats causing this.

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    We did this on 10-man with 3 tanks, we went 3 tanks because fling was presenting a difficulty and we kept losing people to it (despite everyone saying that fling was no big deal).

    So one tank stayed in permanently.

    Phase 1: Do 4 re-shapes, each tank eats 2 pools at sub-80 energy each, break them out. Kill adds. Fourth reshape stays in, boss should be pushing into phase 2 right after reshape happens (so have him 75% sub) don't push early.

    Phase 2: Focus ambers down, have ranged assigned to them have melee or bad multi-target ranged on the constructs/monstrosity. The tank constructs job is to keep stacks on the boss and he should also be capable of hitting amber shaper, so switch hitting (this could take some practice). He definitely needs to keep stacks on amber monstrosity going when a dps isn't in construct to use amber strike on monstrosity. DPS construct needs to interrupt the monstrosity when he casts amber explosion and then break out at sub-10 energy or if he gets dpsed to hard. Between 2nd-3rd dps re-shape (or 12+ stacks on monstrosity) we lusted and burned monstrosity. You can hold the lust for phase 3 if phase 3 is harder for you to stay in long.

    Transition to phase 3: Before killing monstrosity make sure to break out the current dps re-shape and kill ambers so tank has pools to eat in phase 3, you can wait for a scalpel to happen before killing monstrosity if you want more time in phase 3, but if you have 2 pools up you should be fine; if you save lust this is especially the case.

    Phase 3: stack behind boss, make sure living ambers are dead. Globule fixates run out and try to combine, depending on your dps and whether you saved lust for phase 3 it might be important for first group to combine their globules. This phase really isn't that hard though.

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