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    Hey guys i was wondering im a tad bit out of shape (by tad i mean alot) and im really starting to get motivated to get into shape and exercise i was wondering if anyone has any tips for a person trying to get back into exercising for the first time for example what kinda work outs diet advice stuff like that it would be very helpful to hear it from people who have done this then just finding a book online about it.

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    Go to the Sports & Fitness forums, there is tons of threads like this in there that you can read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by obdigore View Post
    Go to the Sports & Fitness forums, there is tons of threads like this in there that you can read.
    o sorry i missed those thank you very much

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    Get a gym membership and run on the elliptical for 30 mins EVERY single day, quit soda completely. Start with this and just work at it. Cardio is great, eat fruit and foods with color.

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    Healthy food, balanced and proper exercises also help in curing the symptoms of mild to chronic stress. According to many health specialists, light evening walks, jogging and stroll in the park helps in calming the nerves and increase the efficiency of the body muscles. According to medical science exercise or walk tends to release a contraceptive hormone to stress, endorphin. Moreover, mental exercises and meditation are the best cure for stress. Recently color and aroma therapy has also proven to be an effective way to provide relief to the patients of stress. Therefore, do the necessary exercises and follow a proper diet to prevent fatigue. Proper diet can help to stay hale and healthy.

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    Stop comfort eating, drink lots of water (a tumbler full before each meal so that it fills you up so you eat less), lean meat or better go for chicken and fish with plenty of veg. Exercise everyday so that you burn more than you consume (calories)
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