No Regrets is a 25man social raiding guild that has existed since 2005 with official raiding breaks only during Summer and sometimes Christmas if we can see members are on holiday. Our average age in the guild is around 25 years, but in reality might be a bit higher since we count all our female players to be maximum 24 years old Some of our players have children as well, which is why we are pretty relaxed about real life events.

We are not a hardcore guild, but we expect players to pull their own weight or the bad raid leader will bench them. We are a social guild with real life meetings 1-3 times a year where we do some kind of social activity and have some good food with a few drinks on the side for the players interested in that.
Nobody ever has blackouts or anything like that..

We are currently about to progress into heroic mode progress and the new instance coming out tomorrow and we are looking for few more players to fill our raiding roster.

We are looking for:
1 Death Knight
1-2 Warlocks
1 Windwalker Monk
1 Mistweaver Monk
- Good dps and healers are always welcome to apply

We raid 3 times a week, Thursday, Sunday & Tuesday from 19.30-23.00 approximately and expect you to be able to average 2 raids a week. We are not interested in super hardcore players as we will not promise a 100% raid spot, as we expect everyone in the guild to be mature and accept that benching can happen depending on boss/available setup. We want to be in top 1000 25man guilds in the world, but we will not disband if we do not reach our goal. Raiding first day on Thursdays we already made that goal so much harder.

We have a webpage, www . no-regrets . dk, a working Ventrilo, a regularly updated newsletter for members and a very active Facebook fan group where we answer questions from our admirers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Zagrez, Ikati or Me for clarification.

No Regrets - Blackjack and Hookers since 2005.