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    The Outcasts Bloodhoof EU (A) 6/16 hc LF Brewmaster Monk

    The Outcasts EU Bloodhoof (A) are a PvE raiding guild.

    As a PvE guild our main goal is to progress in the game as far as possible - and experience PVE content to the fullest.

    Currently we are 6/16hc 10man

    We are currently looking to recruit a Brewmaster Monk.

    Raiding Nights & Times-

    We raid Wendsday, Thursday, Sunday and Mondays from 8pm - 11pm server time.

    To gain more progress we also have votes at the end of a raid for Fridays, Saturdays and tuesdays.

    If a raider is not able to attend for a raid then they are expected to post in advance on the AFK forum giving details on the duration of the AFK, this is a must that way we wont sit around waiting.

    What do we expect from you?

    We do expect you to have a decent amount of raiding experience, preferably end-game in a previous expansion. Our raiders are not expected to wander off without letting an officer know. Regular DCers / AFkers need not apply.

    If you think pre-potting / using your own consumables is too expensive then you should re-think before applying ;-)

    You are expected to have a very good idea about your class (how to play) and should not be expected to be told what to do. We expect our raid team to think about encounters and know when to press which button.

    You MUST be able to use Ts3. Being able to understand, act and communicate is a massive bonus.

    Experience and willingness to play an offspec capably is seen as a big plus.No-one is perfect and everyone needs to analyse their own performance and learn from their mistakes.
    Humility, a sense of humour (any will do) and willingness to learn are important qualities.

    What can you expect from us?
    > An environment in which to progress.
    > Guild repairs .
    > Feedback on your performance and regular tactics / feedback on our forums.
    > Feast's.

    So after reading all that would you like to be part of this?

    If yes please visit our website andApply at the-outcasts-raid.wowstead.com
    Also feel free to mail me in-game with any questions and ill get back to you asap.

    Cheers ,

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    Bump LF Brewmaster Monk.

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