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    Trouble between Caster class?

    Hi I was just wondering what is more compatible with holy paladin: mage or warlock?

    I do have both classes and my mate has a holy paladin and we are starting arena, can you advise which is better to play with holy paladin?

    I do enjoy frost/fire mage and destro/demo locks. I am having trouble deciding which to play as both are equally fun. I would like to know which is a better choice also in general arena and getting into RBG groups?

    PS. Me and my friend are debating whether to transfer to Grim Batol (alliance) or Ragnaros (alliance). Can anyone recommend any good alliance PVP realms for alliance?
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    I'd say what you find more fun, but frost is a lot better then any of the warlock speces right now, and that will remain so in 5.2.
    If it's for 2s, you shouldn't even think about playing a warlock unless your sole intention is to bore the other team to death.

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    Mage but I would say it's almost 51%/49% that it ultimately depends on the character's skill

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    We are trying to compare the most complete pvp class years now with WoW's warlock? and especially in a 2v2 arena? 51%vs49%? You ppl are kidding right? World's best warlocks will agree with me not just a casual player who cant decide which class we wants to play...

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