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    looking to buy new internet need opinions.

    Okay so i live in a rural area and i only have 2 options for new internet. internet 1= 30d 5u 55$/month. internet 2= 25d 3u 65$/month.
    seems like i should get internet 1 right? but internet one is going to take about 3 weeks for the company to respond to me and then i have to pay 3-400$ for them to run a wire from the road to my house. ORRR i can get internet 2 which would be 60$ to install and i can get it this week. I really would like to stream raids and such, but i just don't really know if the extra 5 up and 2 down is worth a months wait and 400$
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    Most likely you have those numbers flip flopped. Download speeds are always going to be equal or greater then upload.
    Option 1 will be barely suitable for streaming at 1080p and option 2 will be suitable for streaming at 720p.

    Personally I would take option 2 as 400$ seems like a rip off unless its fiber and there is no way I would want to be without net for almost a month.
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    well i won't not have internet. i'm just looking to make a switch from my current one. But i'll try to make that easier to read. my option 1 = 30mb down, 5 u. the 2nd one is 25 down 3 up. oh yeah i did have those flopped around sorry . And they're both cable.
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