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    Can all races perform Tauren / Troll rituals?

    Or are they built in genetically? Like when a Tauren is asking their ancestors for guidance, could for example a human do the same, if the rituals were practiced for many generations?

    I'm wondering this because I've started reading Tides of War, and this came up (this is quite early and doesn't spoil much at all):

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    Here is where our brothers and sisters were released from their bodies. Here we will pause, to prepare our hearts for battle and our souls for possible death. Our troll brethren, this is not your ritual, but you are welcome to approach here, to contemplate life and death and those who have gone before. And we will ask out ancestors to bless us, and to guide us to do what is right an best for our people.
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    of course. that is, if the tauren ancestors want to bless the human lol

    or humans could ask their own ancestors, but I doubt human spirits are very interested in taking part of shamanistic rituals, since it's not a tradition for them.
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    It's a ritual involving tauren ancestors, so no probably not, unless the tauren ancestors decide to look favorably upon a human.

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    expanding on this: shamanism is very different from things like arcane magic.

    you have the shaman, the people and the spirits. the people tell the shaman what they need. the shaman asks the spirits what they can/want to do about it. the spirit answers or not to the shaman's call, depending on it's will. shaman "spells" are not called "spells". they are called "calls". because that's all that the shaman does, he calls the spirits and asks for help. it all depends on the will of the spirit in question.

    (there are different types of shamans, like the "forceful shamans" who force the spirits to do their bidding, and the "dark shamans" who corrupt the spirits, but I'm talking about "traditional shamans" here)
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