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    Quote Originally Posted by ponens View Post
    There is a random bug that can very rarely occur: he gets stuck in night phase from the very start of the fight and doesn't really use any abilities, not even the pulsing AoE damage. We've previously encountered this once but reset the fight because it was just a lame way to do the boss, but in theory it would've been entirely doable from 100% to 0% since it's pretty much tank-and-spank. No idea what causes it to occur, and we've never seen it occur again.
    He stops at 1 hp.
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    Sorry for necroposting, but there is a lot of suspicious Tsulong kills on our server. So anybody know something on this? Maybe a new bug?

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    Did this get fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genju View Post
    So much for their Bluepost on the front page :

    So they can screw shamans spells, but mages not.
    Could be worse, the boss could be outright immune to your most powerful, longest cooldown healing spell.
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