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Thread: Exp or Xp?

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    It sounds much better to say xp than exp, and that translates fine to text.

    Abbreviations don't have to be exact or anything, as long as it conveys the original term.

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    English graduate chiming in. Even I think this is nonsense. It's just an abbreviation. Technically there's no correct way to abbreviate the word anyways, as shortening to the form you prefer, Exp., could stand place for many other words.

    Explanation, expansion, exposition, expendable, etc.

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    Exp is correct, but some people use Xp because the "e" is still heard as there's a lack of... vowels? Yes, think that's the word. When you pronounce "X", it sounds like "ecs" so the "e" is in the pronounciation, just not the writing.

    I like XP with both capital since it makes it even worse

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    As per some posters on the first page, i generally associate Exp , with Expansion. XP for eXperience. At least thats the way i got used to. Not that this makes or breaks a game for me.

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    always been xp to me

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