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    Help our mage improve (logs inside)

    Please help our mage in our guild. Their damage is lacking, unfortunately I don't know enough about mages to figure out what's wrong. Her gear is pretty good though shitty weapon and no T14 bonuses. She feels pretty bad about bringing the raids damage down and I'd love to help. She likes fire much more than arcane, though I don't know if she's ever tried frost.

    Armory - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Aileah/simple
    Logs - http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r.../?s=806&e=1232

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    Using her level 90 Talent would be a start; 1.8% uptime on Invoker's Energy is possibly the worst uptime I've ever seen :/
    Just remind her that she has to complete the Evocation to gain the buff; clipping the last tick by even 0.1s will result in not having the buff and a waste of an Evocation (besides mana return).

    Armory is OK; few issues which I'll outline below. Main thing is that she's not optimizing her gear very well if she's having to reforge that much into Hit - I would recommend going full Crit gems in yellows just to gain more benefit and reduce some of the RNG she'll inevitably have.

    Other Armory issues:
    -Bracers should have 180 Int enchant
    -Staff should have Jade Spirit but as it's a blue might not want to spend money for this
    -Cloak should have Lightweave - She's a tailor

    Actual playing issues:
    -Use level 90 talent
    -Bomb uptime should be higher, use an addon to track if needed
    -Average Ignite tick looks very low; should look into Ignite building
    -Should Use Alter Time and look into Fire's Alter Time rotation
    -Pre-potting and Potting again in combat

    If Flamestrike and Cone of Cold were both cast during Convert; fine, if not no idea why she's casting them at all, same goes for Counterspell.

    If you want me to go into more detail chuck me a PM; there's quite a lot of mistakes she's making and it would create a massive post.
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    Just to add to Serene's comments, combusting on 8.7K ticks is very poor. She should use the Alter time method highlighted in the fire mage guide on these forums to fish for a high ignite proc before combusting, as opposed to combusting on cd, which I guess she is doign here

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    So many mistakes, don't even know where to begin.

    In all honesty, she just seems completely oblivious to the tools in her arsenal.
    EX - not using lvl 90 talent, not using tailor cloak enchant etc...

    Even correcting those things will likely not help much just by looking at how bad the damage was. This is likely a problem between her fingers and the keyboard -> not casting correct things at the correct time, not casting spells while moving, not knowing when to use cooldowns. That kind of stuff.

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    Is she queing her inferno blast up after a HU proc? I would recomend getting mage nuggets to help track her Invocation buff.

    Ensure that she has bomb up as much as possible. Mage nuggets can track this also. I would also mention that if IB is off CD before she does her Evo that she use it and as soon sher finishes her evo channel go straight into a Fireball cast and que up a IB straight afterwards to get an extra HS. It will give her a nice little boost to ignite straight off the bat and can mean she won't have to hardcast pyro incase the RNG gods aren't smiling on her. If she would like i'd be happy to give her a hand on TS/Mumble/Vent whatever you guy's use. Or she/you can just pop me a message on here.

    There are a few enchants and gem sockets which could be changed also but I don't want to start repeating other people.

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