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    Should I continue levelling my mage in 5.2?

    Long story short I wanted a caster class with lots of burst and not going to lie wanted to be OP. So I levelled a mage im level 30,and to my luck everyone says oh mages are going to suck too many nerfs. This always happens to me I level a class that was good (paladin, hunter) then all of a sudden they get nerfed to the ground and rendered useless to play. I hate it really. I read the note but dont understand the changes completely. So will mages be good in 5.2 and by good I mean extremely powerful not alright or should I level a spreist or lock?

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    If you level your mage you will always have one of the specs be borderline OP to play. So if you want that you should level away.

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    One issue with the mage class is that the Level 90 talents become very important for maximising your DPS, but you can't find out how much you like or dislike them until you've reached the level cap.
    It's also true that Arcane's burst potential has dropped a great deal, though depending on what you are going for with your character Frost still provides excellent burst damage in PvP and Challenge Modes, and while it's not quite the monster it once was Combustion still unloads impressive numbers in a very small time window.

    Mages have always historically been and always will be a very strong DPS class, no matter what some of the more pessimistic members of our community believe (for example... see my signature and then look at recent Arcane logs), so despite what seems to be a lot of negative Blizzard attention I'm sure that if you're looking for a direct damage caster with burst potential you aren't going to end up too disappointed.

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    Posts like this annoy me. The true secret to being "op" is playing a decent class and being a good player. If you stick with one class consistently you will often find yourself in situations where you consider yourself to be "op." However, if you do like you said and continue to level different classes that you think are op, by the time you are max level, geared out, and optimized and good at the rotation the "op" status will be on a different class. If you stick to one or two classes and get good at them and then just be patient, there will be time periods that roll along where you are OP. The only people who can truly "reroll because X class is OP" are the hardcore players who have most of the classes maxed out or have the time to do it in a short amount of time. You are better off picking the class you have the most fun with and sticking to it. Then, when you have a time period when your favorite class/spec is op, it will be even more enjoyable.

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    If you play a pure dps class with 3 dps specs there will always be one spec that beats the other, be it for one encounter of for a whole tier.

    I also don't like the fact that i'm better of as arcane atm with my kind of gear, but thats how things go as a pure.

    The only thing that they can do is try to make the 3 specs as close as they can and make us able to have some kind of choice.
    If you raid non heroics like i do you can take a spec you enjoy if they are close enough in dps, but i always prefer to take the best option.

    *every time i read "pure" i have to think about the pure blood scene from the blade movies ^^

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    ill get banned but swifty is a boss


    alll classes balanced staying with hunter even though I lost 7000 justice and 3000 gold on heirlooms

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