I have known a girl online through a game for many years. We have talked about taking it to the next level for many years. She lives in NZ and I am from the US. In each of our eyes we have been in a long distance relationship for 4 years. There are things that her friends do that make me feel uncomfortable at times. They tell her she is eye popping, sexy, beautiful. Guys she went on dates with and she keeps around as friends. They call her quite a bit and even at times when we are on Skype a guy will call her at night when he can't sleep. She doesn't ever put up a Stop sign to these guys and says Hey I'm on call with my partner. She says it's normal and common place to remain friends with people you go on dates with, to be that close to someone who likes you but maybe it didn't work out.

Is it common place in NZ for friends to hit on friends in that manner? Do guys call girls late at night just for a friendly chat even when this girl is in a relationship? Are people just way more open?