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    Youtube Logo/Background

    Hello Mmo-Champions.

    So, during the past week me and a couple of friends have been talking about creating a Youtube Gaming Channel, more like the community thingy, not restricted to a single person ( presenting it ) .

    Today we finally came up with an idea for what the channel should be named: Mousepad Syndicate

    We've almost everything we need to oficially start the channel and making content, but there's something we lack. A logo and a background for our Channel, to make it more appelative. None of us is experienced in that Area, and we don't really want to pick out a google image or something else.

    What I am asking may be too demanding for people I don't even know, neither helped with something in the past, but, if some of you, who may be talented in this field, could help us out we would really appreciate it .

    We already have a image for the logo visualized in our minds, but the execution is what is messing us up. If you think you can help or have any suggestions please PM and i'll thank you for life !

    Thanks for your attention

    Best Regards

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    You would probably have a better chance getting something like completed for you over at DeviantArt.

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    Check out this thread where a bunch of helpful forum members are happy to create new art:


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