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    Need help with power of a new graphics card

    Thinking of upgrading to a gigabyte 660 ti, which im sure requires 2 6-pin power cables.
    However i have shockingly bad 700w psu with only 1 6-pin cable, would it be safe to use one of those 4-pin to 6-pin adapters on this card to get the 2nd or should i avoid doing it?

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    You CAN but adapters are always sort of relying on a Macguyer.
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    should i try it or just avoid doing it and get another card?

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    you won't find any card that has less powerpins with relatively same performance.

    i'd suggest you simply go for it ...
    also the 6pin comes from 2x4pin ... so it's Y-adapter you should use. that should do fine.
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    Go ahead and do it. I would suggest the next part of your PC to upgrade should be a good quality power supply before anything else, though.

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    yeah i will be doing at some point, but they're a cheap temp fix for now i suppose, thanks guys

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    Using the 4-6 pin adapters is perfectly safe. A lot of cards come with them in the box. It's a bit of a surprise yours didn't.

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