Hey, guys!
Long time no talk. I dropped in to hopefully get some help resolving a computer issue that has me stumped.

I suppose I'll begin relevant system specs.

I have an MSI Twin Frozr II 560 ti at stock clocks. (Though it's been pretty high. The following issue has just shown up, however, so I think the clock is irrelevant.)

I have a DELL SR2320L, running 1920 x 1080 at 60hz. (As confirmed through both graphics card and windows 7 menu. I mention this because I figured it may cause the issue I'm experiencing.)

So, I went to hook up my TV as an additional monitor to my graphics card. I discovered that :

  1. All input received from the leftmost DVI input is lacking all green color (could be a VGA cable/adapter issue as well).
  2. I receive no input whatsoever from my right DVI input.

So I scrapped the idea of having a second monitor, and resolved to find an alternative solution when it isn't midnight o'clock.

However, after re-attaching the mini-HDMI cable to my video card from my monitor, I found that I had incredibly noticeable vertical "scan lines". They're most prevalent on gray tones. (Non-vibrant colors.) Steam Chat is one area where it's painfully prevalent, but World of Warcraft provides a few shades of gray that also show the issue.

Things that I changed between detaching and re-attaching the mini-hdmi cable to the graphics card:
  • I updated my drivers quite a bit. I'm not sure what version I was using previously, but I know it's been awhile since I updated them. I also rolled back my drivers a few series just to make sure. This provided no difference.
  • I reset my monitor color profile. It didn't really seem to change anything.
  • I used the auto adjust feature on my monitor. I don't know why this would be relevant, but I'm including it for thoroughness.

I'm thinking I'm going to be hunting for a new graphics card. (Which sucks.)