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    High end Prot advice!

    Since I do not play a paladin I figured I would ask for some advice from the higher end progression tanks.

    My guild is currently pushing heroic content (5/16 currently) and recently my OT began reading somewhere that top end prots are starting to migrate over to haste in order to keep a near constant Shield up for mitigation supposidly being better then mastery stacking. Now I don't know much about pallys pre wrath but what I do know is that he is getting wrecked lol.

    My question is is this in fact even a valid theory and able to do in current tier gear, what haste lvl would be required to reach in order to provide this, and is it even worth it?! The logic behind it sounds good but sacrificing mastery to gain it is overall causing him to take alot of spike dmg sometimes resulting in deaths

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    I think this thread will answer your question, the OP asks almost the same question as you:

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    Inb4 Locked due to having the same question on the front page 4x a week.

    Read the post above, which will likely refer you to this sticky.

    If you want a short answer: Yes, haste is our best stat (after capping out hit to 7.5 and expertise to 15). Haste is markedly better in 10man settings, and is slightly better than mastery or stam in 25mans, but the gap closes there due to scaling factors of raid tuning.

    Proper play and a basic understanding of how and when to use ShotR make haste increase the tank's DPS, TPS, HPS and reduce damage taken significantly.
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    If your paladin is getting wrecked it is the player not the gear. Stacking haste is better than stacking mastery at exactly 1 rating or above.

    This thread will probably get locked, try to look through some of the prot paladin threads, they are basically all the same.

    I have been stacking haste since release even in blue and green gear. Never had any issues.
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    If your prot pally is getting wrecked it is the player not the gear.
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