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    Quote Originally Posted by Mear View Post
    They are just some douchbags who find enyoyment in making other people suffer.
    Oh no PvP happening on a PvP server.

    You might want to turn that adjective around to the OP imo.

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    While there will always be lowbie campers, I think the number would go down if you could join a BG/arena while dead or in combat. World PvP is a nice way to pass the time while waiting for queues to pop... but there's no use in looking for an even remotely fair fight because it will probably get you locked out when the time comes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatcrazypenguin View Post
    yeah nice fake example story there, obvious fake as darkspear is a pve server so I fail to see how they were ganked off the server as you claim when they could simply turn off pvp at there leisure.

    I assumed it would be understood that I was talking about Darkspear US, but apparently some people need to have everything spelled out for them.
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    I imagine myself in the actual shoes of a level-capped character - in a game where my faction is at war with another I will kill every one of their champions, regardless of their power relative to mine. We're at war, and one of us isn't walking away.

    I wouldn't specifically camp an individual or group of low-level characters unless they just happened to be in the place I was already in for some other reason, but if I kept accidentally running into them I would kill them every time.

    TL;DR - PvP happens on PvP servers and you're the only one to blame if you don't like that fact yet continue to play there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatcrazypenguin View Post
    You don't get don't get conquest or any whats the point?
    It's fun hearing horde death croak. More fun getting honour from it though. Ganking is fine, camping is pointless. At least camping lowbies.

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    I think its pretty much the same for most of people, i do kill on sight, but won't camp.

    Unless i was being camped.

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    So PvP happened on a PvP server and you are upset about it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lohe View Post
    If you're semi-hardcore or semi-casual what's the other half? To me, they're both the same thing.
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    No, I don't it's a pretty dick move, and persoally, i think if it is done, it should cause a lost of experience.
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    All you can do is pity them. If this is how they pass their time, they prob have some real issues they're dealing with and if this helps them to be happy, it really is a pretty harmless way to do it. I'd rather them spread their malevolence in WoW than in RL.

    It's terrible, but sometimes when someone feels bad, making someone else feel similarly makes them, in some messed up way, feel better. Hence the phrase, misery finds company. I think that is the key player in the vast majority of these situations, along with a juvinile sense of comradery among the people in these groups, which many could be lacking in their lives, and often have trouble finding in the vast majority of people who don't share their malevolent inclinations.

    Overall, if it makes them happy let em do it and just try not to let it get to you. It does suck that wanting to engage in some real fun world PvP means you have to tolerate this form of it, but the fact that you're asking the question "why" someone could do this, means you've probably never been a place mentally where they are, and hopefully never will be.
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    If it's red it's dead simple as that.

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    There are people who find enjoyment in making other people angry. It's quite common and the kind of behaviour that I would expect to face anywhere where PvP is a possibility.

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    Killing lowbies is fun for about 1 minute. After that it is boring. No challenge at all = worthless. I would rather play Solitare for 15 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nario64 View Post
    I haven't played WoW for about a year now, but I remember doing this from time to time. The reason for it is simple. I was bored. Also, aggravating lowbies enough to call for help and then slaughtering any 80's (at the time) that came to their rescue was very very gratifying. Basically I would attack lowbies so they would call for help and then have fun messing around with their rescueers.

    I never enjoyed arena's, but I love world pvp. The fact that there are no restrictions and the terrain is ever changing makes it exciting for me.
    And it goes both ways, when I leveled an alt I loved having to watch my back. If I saw a higher level player (skull usually) I could hide behind a tree and wait for them to leave. It's what I love about PvP servers. If you don't like it, go PvE and no one will hurt you.

    Personal note: I was always a raider, focusing on PvE and rarely going into battlegrounds or arenas, but I was ALWAYS on a pvp server because I want to kill or be killed.

    Side note: After 5 years of playing Alliance, I grew to hate the horde. As such, I never felt guilty of killing horde, no matter what level they were.
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    I actively hunt, slaughter, camp and skin/genocide mobs that Blood Elf players are trying to kill for a quest on my Alliance character.

    On my Horde character I actively hunt, slaughter, camp and skin/genocide mobs that Human players are trying to kill.

    Any other race I leave alone, help, or /wave at them.

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    I like the xrealm new wpvp: Illidan had virtually no pvp to speak of prior to this. It happened to my alt as well in Hellfire, since I prefer to quest over dungeon grinding. It turned into me and a few friends on vent having a blast and just wpvp'ing for quite a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grym View Post
    It brings back memory back in times pre-Cata, where you have to manually enter a raid, and which ever fraction camped outside first will do their best stopping the other fraction enter the raid instance, that corridor at ICC entrance was brutal XD

    And yes, they know for a fact that it pisses you off, and that give them the joy. Surely there are times that other people's suffering give you joy also?
    And that is what is wrong with the world today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carnaby View Post
    And that is what is wrong with the world today.
    But people would never know true happiness if they never knew true suffering.

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    Most Alliance kill me on sight so I make it a point to kill one whenever I see them. I might gank em again if I see them again but that's the end of it. I'm not one of those no life bastards that blocks an entrance or corpse camps people for hours on end. You kill a guy once or twice and be done with it unless he comes for you.

    You guys should have ran a heroic or something and waited for the pricks to leave. Or just find something else to do for a little while. And meh if you really wanted to get inside you should have been able to find a way past them any number of ways depending on your class and the situation at hand.

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    I play on a PvP server and I have no problem with WPvP, but when level 90s are killing low levels for no reason is just stupid. I was trying to level my druid yesterday and today in the Outlands and horde were camping/killing all of the quest givers and ganking and camping any low level. This one DK was killing quest givers in Hellfire for a good 2 hours before he finally left. I even came on my 90 and destroyed his face and he came back. Even when MOP came out I never got ganked or attacked once while I was leveling.
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    You can do the following:

    1) log out and play another char

    2) transfer to a PvE server by giving Blizzard a retarded and ridiculous fee

    3) wish them cancer

    I would enjoy world PvP if at least once the one who attacks is not killing me in 2 seconds by being either a fuckton of levels higher or a fuckton of ilevels higher. I see the potential in the PvP servers and rarely I got into fun PvP (like maybe 5 times in 5 years). But the current state is pathetic.

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