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    [25h] dealing with rages during 25 men heroic Will of the Emperor


    I am Raid Leader in my 25 men guild on a French server, and we are struggling on heroic Will of the Emperor.
    It’s seems to us that the key of the fight is to deal perfectly with the rage sparks, but we are not handling this quite well starting the 2nd aoe phase.

    - At the beginning our chaman and 3 mages are sheeping/hexing the 4 1st rages
    - When the 2nd pop of 4 rages is happening, our DK grips all the mobs together, and then we aoe the adds.
    - We plan to aoe them every 2 pops. The 1st aoe phase is done well. But during every next aoe phase, either 1 rage is killed several seconds after the other ones or we failed on the stuns.

    I think we have a very good group for aoe (3 demo, 3 mages, 1 frost dk, 1 SP, 1 elem shaman, 2 hunts on soaking duty), but I think our problem is we are not very good at stunning the adds, although we have 3 demos and shaman with the stun totem. Every time we have a (low life) living rage rushing in the raid

    However on every video I am watching the rages are permanently stunned and are not moving at all.

    > Do you have advice on the stun & slow rotation ?
    P.S. My teammates are asking me to help on aoe with my warrior, as the warrior stun is 4s long (1s longer than others), what do you think of it ?

    > In your opinion, what spec/talent our lock and mages should choose ?

    thanks for your help

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    Is it actually a problem that one dies later? Just have a second person catch that spark. In 25 man you have a lot more players to soak. But that seems just too obvious to someone that plays 10 man :P

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    This encounter is pretty much a joke on 10man HC, downed it in less then 10 attempts the 1st time we went, doing it on 25s now with more gear and we took over 40 attempts to get it right.

    Just make sure you have spare soaker for when you down the rages (hunters are the best here) and proper soaking rotations for the other adds when they get killed.

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    Tell all your locks to play Affliction because this is by far the best spec for this fight.Also they can take shadowfury and stun the mobs AFTER dk gripped them.

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    Do you think our mages should be frost or arcane ?

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    grip -> shadowfury -> remorseless winter/capacitor/hunter stun arrow. Knockback a few times after those stuns are done. Void Tendrils somewhere in there as well.

    Not sure if you have a boomkin but Ursol's Vortex is fantastic.

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    Tell all your locks to play Affliction because this is by far the best spec for this fight.
    Yeah sure, "by far". For multidotting boss & big adds maybe (maybe !), but how exactly is it going to help them kill the Rages faster ?

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    We had 2 DKs rotating grip, along with 2 hunters rotating the soak.

    The CC chain was something like, grip into shadowfury/shockwave, entrapment, ring of frost. Frost traps to keep em slowed and then binding arrow should any try to escape.

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    With current gear levels there is really no need to hard CC at all.

    First 2 sets of rages (before bosses join the fight) kill all rages AND sparks

    Once bosses join the fight it should happen like this:

    Rages spawn - DK Grips them together

    Mage ROFs (so adds are in the back of the ring and are stunned [for 1 second only] as dps insta breaks it with heavy damage)

    Rages move forward into the front of the ROF (get stunned and insta broke again)

    Rages die

    Ranged DPS move to the front of the circle in the center of the room (and dps bosses/strengths/courages)

    Hunter move to back of circle and soak sparks (alternate hunters for each wave)


    Only focus boss DPS during the breaks in rages on waves 7, 10 and 13.

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    I think for guilds just getting to the fight now if you have two death knights and two druids CC-ing is easier than killing them as they come.

    Less waves of more sparks is less chance of something going wrong and aoe-ing 8 at a time will increase your strength and boss DPS by a lot making the end less hairy.

    We're not an amazing guild and we only killed it two weeks ago and cc-ing/aoe was worlds easier than killing each wave once people got their grips and entangle down. Here's our video, specifically from a rage PoV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3q4G522gOyQ Pretty messy. Rage definitely don't stay still. No DPS cooldowns for the first set since everyone's available, all DPS cooldowns used on the second aoe, bloodlust on the third aoe, all cooldowns on the fourth and fifth AoE. We just killed wave 9 and wave 13 of rage.
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    We used two deathknight to rotate aoe grips to group them all together than we would freeze them in place with our two mage or throw out an aoe stun and nuke them all down. Then we had a druid mage shadowpriest or monk soak all the sparks. We didn't have any hunters on our 25 kill.

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