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    [Movies] Movies like paranormal activity

    i have a friend every sunday we watch a movie , this sunday w watched paranormal activity , at night etc : thrilling and very interesting , any more suggestions for next sunday ?

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    watched paranormal activity
    thrilling and very interesting
    I'm sorry all hope is lost....If you are looking for a real scare, watch sinister :P

    It's like a combination of the happening, saw and paranormal activity :S

    Grudge - creepy dead woman/ kid >.<
    Petsematary - creepy kid
    IT- clowns

    TBH..anything with dead children gives me nightmares something about the combination of innocence and evil that just gets to me :S

    Also a bit of a strange one is cabin in the woods - like a combination of every horror movie >.<
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    watch sinister :P
    Pretty damn cliche as far as horror movies go. At least the first paranormal was different. They milked it too hard after that though, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    Grudge - creepy dead woman/ kid >.<
    To be honest, I never understood what's so scary about the Grudge.
    I mean, it's just some woman who just came out of bed with a bad hair day and white make-up on her face? Not one single moment in that movie is scary.

    I think Insidious was scarier. But that's mostly due to me experiencing things like that in 'real life'/dreams. But when you think about it, it's almost as ridiculous as Freddy Krueger movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roggles View Post
    Pretty damn cliche as far as horror movies go. At least the first paranormal was different. They milked it too hard after that though, unfortunately.
    Yeah, I loved Paranormal activity. I like found footage like stuff like that. And I loved Blair Witch also.
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    It's not 'like' Paranormal Activity, but if you are new to the horror genre, then I personally highly recommend The Ring movies. They are by far the best horror movies I've seen from the past decade (there is actually a plot other than 'ghost bad!'), and one of the few that aren't full of stupidass characters that you just want to die so the movie can be over, like Paranormal Activity 2 through 17...well actually the first had dumbass characters too but it was at least original at the time.

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    I wish Paranormal Activities would just die already. How this series continues is a tribute to the degradation of society. Stop paying to watch these dumb movies, so we can go on living in a world with less dumb movies.

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    Im assuming by "like paranormal activity" you mean found footage style horror movies so here:

    I highly recommend Troll Hunter.

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    I may be alone in this, but The Exorcism of Emily Rose is a good mix of suspense and downright freaky shit. Jennifer Carpenter has a face designed for the type of scares that EER throws up.

    The courtroom scenes seem out of place, but there are some quite good scares.. When her friend wakes up and finds her on the ground in the college dorm, that gave me goosebumps and chilled my spine literally.

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