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    My first 60 was a priest, followed by a mage and a druid. Had time to gear the Priest and the druid full ZA and ZG, as well as having some pieces of t1 and t2. Mage never got a chance to get geared before BC.

    Also had a lock lvl 49 and a rogue lvl 36 which I leveled in BC.

    The only toon who had an epic mount was my priest. It was wayyy too expensive at that time !

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    I had a Paladin on Blackrock US Server named Exotika along with a Hunter named Existence.
    Both have been server transferred and named changed.
    Enjoy having the Knight-Champion Title on my Paladin

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    As soon as I got my shaman to 60 I immediately started leveling a rogue which then became my main. About half way through the expansion I also got a warrior to 60.

    So only three over the course of the expansion, but I like many others still had a legion of mid ranged alt characters. The leveling landscape and game were so much different back then that I couldn't even attempt to max out any more. Having to do nearly 4 zones to go from 40-50 was brutal. Playing (IMO) incredibly boring classes like a mage (where you cast one nuke the entire time, then proceeded to drink for 20 seconds after each pull) made me not want to level a whole lot.

    Running around doing the totem quests for my shaman was a nightmare.

    Also vanilla was the age where you had A LOT of people twinking characters for low level BGs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trizzjeeuh View Post
    Leveling during Vanilla took was long and tedious.

    - Quests only gave a very small amount of exp
    - There weren't enough quests in zone A to level you up until you could start Zone B. You either had to keep switching between them zones, or spend long hours farming mobs.
    - No mounts until lvl 40 and the fact that they used to cost a lot of gold.
    - Some classes (like priests) had a very hard time killing mobs. Drinking every other mob for 30 secs really slowed you down.
    - You actually had to read, think and search when doing quests. There weren't any addons yet to help you

    A lot of us, who leveled during early vanilla, still suffer from "levelingphobia".
    When I started to level my main at MoP release, I actually had flashbacks, cold sweats and noticed myself shivering at multiple occasions.
    3 out of 5 of that list simply isn't true.

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    Does anyone remember Emilyspear from Method ?

    He/she leveled 10 characters to 60 for Alchemy transmutation profits and was known to be the richest wow player back then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathgoose View Post
    AoE mob grinding for XP was actually quite lucrative in Vanilla for certain classes.
    I remember the first time I saw a frost mage AoE farming in WPL. It was the most beautiful thing ever. A squishy toon rounding up a ton of mobs that would kill them in 0.5 seconds flat if they ever reached him. The control and expertise was awe inspiring to me. Made me roll a mage just so I could try and do it

    On topic - I felt that the reason it took so long to level in vanilla was:
    1) Game was new
    2) Mounts took a while to get
    3) Quests were so sporadic. They sent you all over the place with no rhyme or reason. So, without a mount, you are running all over multiple zones to try and complete questlines. The running around was soooooooo boooooooooring and time consuming. I spent more time running from place to place vs actual questing. That was horrible imho.

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    I was an altoholic in Vanilla, however generally my characters all made it to around 40-50. Only 1 of them got to 60. In BC I got 2 level 70s. WotLK is really where I fired it up and got 5 80s. Now working on a 90 of every class lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Blade View Post
    There's nothing for casuals to do, beyond pretend they are raiders in LFR.

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    Rogue, warrior, two hunters, paladin - mostly grinded. Didn't really mind as I still feel that killing mobs should be a decent way to level which it finally is now again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuel View Post
    When levelling was harsh and the game was brutal, I wonder, is there anyone that created multiple characters and leveled them to 60 in Vanilla, or even BC WoW?
    I had more maxed level alts during TBC then during WOTLK or CAT.

    I had 5 characters.
    1 main with t5-t6 (went to half BT and full MH clear) by the end and almost complete s4 gear.

    Then had a second guy with t5 gear +/-

    The rest was just for pvp and when i needed extra gold from dailys. most of them were just full s2 gear with some s4 gear.

    The game was less grinding for me because you only had 10 and later 25dailys you couldn't spam the same instance so you just did that 1 every day if you wanted a drop not do it 40 times in a row till you the drop like in late WOTLK and CATA, so you actually had time to dedicate to alts, world pvp and bg/arena.
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    I've leveled a Druid to 60, more towards TBC release I started a hunter alt, got her to 58 a few weeks before tbc was released.

    Any other alt never made it above lvl 15 in Vanilla. I'm still only a "low" altoholic, with only 2 at 90, 2 at 85, 1 at 80(the hunter...only used to do a daily pet battle in icecrown :P) and 1 at 81 (only due to scroll of ressurection, or that one would still have been 20ish :P)

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    I got 3 to 60 (warlock, priest, and shaman), I didnt think it was all that hard actually. Once I hit 60 tho I spent most of my time farming gold for my 19 rogue twink and epic mounts. Raided a little bit too. I remember wanting to do MC as shadow and getting kicked so many times. I just kept bouncing between mains, I'd switch my main bout every other month.

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    When my guild began MC, 3 of us level up a dwarf priest alt because it was very useful as ally for magmadar.
    I think leveling take me something like 10 days and I know some hardcore players do it in half time.
    One of my guildy had every class available.
    Vanilla last 2 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuel View Post
    When levelling was harsh and the game was brutal, I wonder, is there anyone that created multiple characters and leveled them to 60 in Vanilla, or even BC WoW?
    I had two night elves and a gnome, in BC I had alts on several servers.

    Nelf Druid
    Nelf Rogue
    Gnome Warlock

    Gnome Warlock
    Nelf Druid
    Nelf Rogue
    Daenei Paladin
    Blood Elf Hunter
    Gnome Mage

    Gnome warlock focus

    Gnome warlock focus
    Goblin Death Knight

    all of them are active again with my Gnome Monk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miuna View Post
    Does anyone remember Emilyspear from Method ?

    He/she leveled 10 characters to 60 for Alchemy transmutation profits and was known to be the richest wow player back then
    Lol, yeah I remember Emilyspear. I think there was a rumour that Blizz took some gold off him/her because it was a threat to the realms economy. :P
    Kinda lost track after Vanilla thought. Does he/she still plays?

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    6 60s wasnt so hard as people make it..

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    I had two 60s by the end of Vanilla, a druid and a warlock. I must have felt the second one was a pretty big deal, because I distinctly remember making a macro specifically for the event. Something about "cower brief mortals" or somesuch. But honestly, back then I was making alts so I could use them for professions. The idea that I would actually raid with an alt, or even run dungeons with them was ludicrous.

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    I started with my Mage, and decided to roll a Warlock after I was already starting to get decently geared on the Mage. I ended up with him at 60 well before BC, and was able to get him some decent PVP items and a few Ranks, nothing too impressive as far as ranks, but it was a few that were sorta time consuming.

    Harsh and brutal would not be he words I would use to describe leveling in Vanilla, but people are seriously making it seem like it was a joke in this thread. Vanilla took a lot of time to hit max level, no matter how fast you were at leveling.

    aside from the XP required, the quest chains were so spread around, that you could literally be going across the continents several times for one chain. So it wasn't so much that it was "hard" it was time consuming.

    The nice thing about that was, you got to actually see the world, and every so often you would stumble across something you've never seen before, and you'd start wandering around until you realized how long you've been there.

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