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    ***Pwn Shop*** Illidan 5/16 HM 10 man LF Boomkin

    Pwn Shop 5/16 HM 10 Man
    Raid Days/Times; Mon, Tues, Thursday 8-11pm server

    Pwn Shop is a tightly knit group of raiders that have been together since Firelands, our best tier was Dragon Soul where we finished 28th on Illidan for 10 man's. We are currently in the top 40 on the server this tier and are looking to make a push.

    Raid Times
    We raid 3 times a week; Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-11pm server time. At the beginning of this expansion we had a few people leave due to family issues, work etc and had to retool a bit but we are still 5/16 HM!

    What is expected from a candidate
    Our fantastic Boomkin is going to be leaving the group due to real life issues so unfortunately we need his spot to be filled. We are currently looking for candidates that have some HM's down but would definitely consider people who are 16/16 normal if they are exceptional. We obviously need people that have high raid awareness and do their homework on both the bosses as well as their own class. The worst thing is having a candidate coming into a raid and having never seen a video or not knowing that there was some dramatic change to his class the night before.

    If interested, please in-game mail/whisper Greyywarden, Greywardenn or Trixxpat or you can apply at http://pwn-shop.wowstead.com/recruitment.
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    Bumping it!!!!!

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    Another bump!!! 5/16 HM and about to be 6-7/16 HM tonight

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