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    Now almost any Englishman(woman) who has even a small interest in football will know this term, "Magic of the FA Cup". For those that don't and those who aren't an Englishman.

    FA Cup is a football knockout competition, which includes the majority of all football teams in England (and a few Welsh). Be it the internationally known teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal, to the small league teams. Due to this fact, you can end up with many mis-matched games where you have a top league team, playing someone two to three leagues below them, and the results are as expected. "Magic of the FA Cup" is commonly mentioned in reports of games where the minor teams have taken a team (who are multiple divisions above them) to the wire (either losing in the dying minutes of games, or forcing them to have a replay, which for those clubs has the potential to bring in a lot of money)on some occasions you end up with teams becoming known as Giant-killers for knocking out one of the bigger teams.

    This made me wonder what other competitions (foreign leagues) or other sports are there were you have the big named teams playing the minor teams(not just top table vs bottom table) and how often do they have the real upsets of complete underdogs challenge if not occasionally beat the big names.

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    There's a few boxing matches through history that spring to mind here, Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson is the obvious one.

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    I can think of a few tennis matches but not really any team sports. Unless you count like an NBA game where a worse off team beats one of the better teams, but that could happen any time.

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