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    Elemental - Patch 5.2

    I am guessing that next patch, it would be wise to take Elemental Mastery over Echo of the Elements since it is getting reduced to a 1 minute cd.
    We're practically getting a hero every minute.

    On that note, would our stat priorities change at all? Would it be better to take Mastery over Haste?

    Furthermore, would it be wise to have the on-use trinket from Operation:Shieldwall reputation since it is also on a 1 minute cd?

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    I believe it is getting or is already changed to a 1.5min timer now, fyi.

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    They're currently experimenting with the potency of EM on the PTR. 1.5M CD is enough to bring it more in line with EotE. However, with our upcoming T15 4pc, I believe EotE may win out again. Too early to say for sure, though.

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