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    What Professions should I choose.

    Okay so I have a priest and I just leveled it to 90 a few days ago and I need some help...

    This is my Priest: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...anade/advanced

    I have a Grand Total of 116 gold on this server as I just got 2 Epics of The AH and I need to level profession but I want to level two of them where I have to spend as little gold as possible to get to 600/600 (I can farm Mats) but also net me a decent amount of gold while leveling as well so I can but things like Enchants and Gems. So I was wondering if anyone had Any advice on what ones to choose, and how to make gold off of them.

    Thank you.

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    Any gathering profession with its respective crafting will be easy and free to do alongside one another. If you do mining / JC you can go back and gather for blacksmithing again and those two can sustain you gold wise. Herbalism with alchemy and inscription, same story. All professions are profitable but it's server/personally dependent on how much so, so just pick what you think suits you best or would be quickest (should be mining and something)
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