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    LF new horde pvp realm suggestions

    I am transferring to horde and need a new server. I pvp so any good horde realm for pvp is what I am looking for. Also I would love some help with finding a new guild too if you could, but only really only need new horde servers suggestions. Thanks for the help

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    Mal'ganis is great horde side. It has a nearly dead alliance population but a massive horde population. It's one server where CRZ actually makes a difference for world PvP, because you end up seeing a lot of alliance from Kel'thuzad (where it's heavier on alliance players) out in the world.

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    any other realms

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    defiasbrotherhood is good, i have chars on both sides and theres a good faction balance, its an rppvp server but it may as well just be pvp the tiny amount of rp that ever happens so dont let that put u off

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