View Poll Results: Are you more into: responsive, fast peaced and good graphic titles?

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  • If there are simillar titles, I pick the one with better interface

    6 23.08%
  • Setting and graphic is more important, then gameplay and interface

    4 15.38%
  • Interface doesn't have to be very responsive, gameplay and other things matter

    13 50.00%
  • I pick the most popular games

    0 0%
  • Other option (comment)

    3 11.54%
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    I need fast peaced and great graphic games [...] LoL wins
    Sorry, I can't take you seriously.

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    I chose Other:
    I am still waiting for an ugly-graphics game or 'old' video engine that has the complexity / story / feeling of Fallot 1 & 2.
    For me, graphics / interface do not make the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slaughty8 View Post
    I am semi-old gamer (+14 years of playing games, casually, with a 3 years of hardcore, behind me) and I am finding that even my needs evolved. For now, I need fast peaced and great graphic games with a insanely responsive interface and interaction. For instance: Path of Exlie vs Diablo III. D3 is much more responsive. WoW vs any "wow-alike" mmo: WoW is extremally responsive. LoL vs any other DoTa: LoL wins. RTS? SC2 vs any other RTS.
    I could compare two online flight simulators here, War Thunder vs World of Warplanes and the first one wins.

    Poll included. Are you in this group of "ONLY the games with the most responsive interface, graphic, setting + fast peaced action, gameplay is the second" ?

    The question is simple, I will write it for you:
    you have 2 simillar games, one has better interface, which one you pick?
    is the resposivness of the interface important to you?
    Your statement about LoL is incredible wrong. LoL is nowhere near to be as responsive as HoN. HoN is known for its fast paced gameplay, and the responsiveness is top quality compared to the rest of the Dota games. This is one of the reasons I, and a lot of HoN players still prefer HoN over Dota. Unless Dota changes its responsiveness, i might actually start playing it again.

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