View Poll Results: Which Profession Do You Play?

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  • Elementalist

    30 23.08%
  • Necromancer

    16 12.31%
  • Mesmer

    28 21.54%
  • Thief

    22 16.92%
  • Ranger

    35 26.92%
  • Engineer

    23 17.69%
  • Guardian

    23 17.69%
  • Warrior

    31 23.85%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Poll: Which Profession Do You Play?

    I am not sure if this has been asked before, but I am curious. And what race are you? I play Asura Warrior mainly, but I have a Human Elementalist, too. My fighting style in real life would likely be that of an Elementalist.

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    Norn Warrior is my main. Working on a Human Necromancer atm.

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    Im surpriced to see no Mesmer yet!
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    main ele with 2 other alts warrior and mesmer (well actually have one char of each prof but these are my 80 atm)

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    i havent played in awhile but my main was a thief.

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    Pink asura mesmer ftw =)
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    I play a Norn Guardian and so glad that's what I chose. Currently undecided between a thief or elementalist for next character.
    90 Draenei Shaman -- Praey / Burning Legion
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    Million alts.

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    Human warrior, 100%. Sure, I have alts, but I rarely play them (highest is a level 17 elementalist).

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    Played Engineer before I quit.

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    Technically I suppose I play my (Charr) ranger the most, though I think overall (Sylvari) warrior's been my favorite.

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    Rangers everywhere!

    Lol no one likes us poor buggy necros

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    Ive been playing All the classes these past few weeks except for necro and mesmer. I dont have a mesmer and i only played a tiny bit of necro but havent found a spec for pvp that i like yet. Played Engi from dawn till dusk yesterday in spvp, and been playing my warrior b4 that, right now at this moment im running a gaurdian support build that seems to be working.

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    Started with a human Mesmer. Really loved it but the supporter inside of me was stronger once again ^^

    so i rerolled a human Guardian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakhar View Post

    Rangers everywhere!

    Lol no one likes us poor buggy necros
    Rangers are picked a lot by kids/noobs since they are easy classes with a very flat learning curve.
    Necros aren't played a lot due to kids not playing them that much and them not really being good at anything in particular for PvE(dungeons)

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    necros are decent support but most of those who want to play support run a guardian as it tends to bring more active support skills than other classes.
    also, one of the reasons necros aren't that played atm because of the current state of minons AI which just kills the fun of running a MM build.

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    Yeah I noticed on my ranger a lot of people assumed I was a kid. Not necessarily a bad thing until you start joining groups for dungeons

    I think for me replay value is really going to depend on how much I get into the story of some of the other races. I made a sylvari ranger to start with, found it interesting but as you say it's a fairly flat learning curve with the abilities. It's starting to feel very much rinse-and-repeat in terms of actions on 99% of pve encounters.

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    Guardian all the way baby!

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    Archers almost always get a bad rap for some reason. I tend to gravitate toward them because I prefer long range combat without being made of glass or having the same inhibiting resource limitations magic users do. I also had to deal with the "huntard" mentality in WoW too and I was a good hunter.

    Having said that, the main reason I play my ranger the most at this point is because I find it the easiest to use during DEs. I have AoE when I need it, single target dps when I need it, and I don't have to change my traits around to still be effective at both.

    I enjoyed my necro as I was playing it, but to me the class feels really weak in DEs. I hate staff and the cooldown on wells is too long to not use staff, so meh. :P My preferred build is dagger-based and not many event bosses are melee friendly either. I never did try a minion build, they just seem to cause more problems than they're worth.

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    I tend to gravitate toward magic users or melee-magic users, but Warriors are so cool in this game, especially as Asura. So I am totally maining a Warrior now instead of Elementalist.

    Also, interesting results. I expected more Warriors and fewer Mesmers.

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    I started with a thief (to 80), warrior to 80 and mesmer to 80. I've dabbled with a ranger and elementalist. I really like the mesmer and have been playing end game with it mostly (with some playing of the warrior).

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