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    mod:shift+ numpad = not possible?

    Hello everyone,
    Im using a macro with three modifiers. The macro is bound to a numpad button. Alt and ctrl work perfect but shift wont :<

    I wanted to ask if its possible to use shift as a modifier when i bind the macro to the numpad buttons.

    ps: i looked into my keybinds if shift+numpad is bound somewhere but it didnt seem to be the case.

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    Shift + Numberpad does all the alternate numpad button actions so Shift + Numpad 2 is the same as down arrow, etc.

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    Ah, well thats a good explanation :P
    Thank you!

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    It doesn't work in macros though, unfortunatley.
    But you can bind it seperatley.

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    shift-numpad is hardcoded into windows as some stupid arrow keys. it gave me a lot of frustration figuring this out months ago. why windows has not changed this? I do not know.

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